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MLBB: Ultimate Guide to Counter Hanabi

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Recharge ML account effortlessly with U7BUY for an unparalleled gaming experience. In the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, encountering Hanabi on the battlefield is a test of both strategy and resilience. Known as the Scarlet Flower, Hanabi’s late-game prowess is notorious, making early interventions critical to curbing her influence. This guide delves into the top three Mobile Legends heroes to counter Hanabi, providing the tactics needed to secure victory.


Bruno shines in the early game, leveraging his critical hits from the Mecha Legs passive to dismantle Hanabi’s defences. His agility, combined with his dash skill, allows for strategic positioning, making him an ideal candidate for exerting pressure on Hanabi from the get-go.

Strategic Play: Utilise the Inspire spell to enhance Bruno’s attack speed, turning him into a formidable force counter to Hanabi. Early aggression and strategic positioning are key; aim to disrupt her farming rhythm, setting your team up for mid- to late-game dominance. Equipping Bruno with Berserker’s Fury early on amplifies his damage, making each encounter with Hanabi potentially devastating for her.


Beatrix’s unique ability to switch between four firearms makes her a versatile adversary for Hanabi. Utilising Renner allows Beatrix to engage from a distance, safely poking at Hanabi and whittling down her health. Bennett and Nibiru, on the other hand, offer aggressive and DPS-focused tactics for different phases of the game.

Strategic Play: The Flicker spell is crucial for repositioning, enabling Beatrix to unleash her ultimate with deadly precision. Itemization plays a significant role; Blade of Despair enhances her damage against a weakened Hanabi, while Hunter’s Strike provides a much-needed boost in agility and penetration, crucial for overcoming defences to counter Hanabi.


Irithel’s ability to attack while moving sets her apart, presenting a unique challenge to Hanabi. Her Strafe skill not only deals damage but also softens targets by reducing their physical defence, making Hanabi an easy prey. Jungle Heart’s slow effect further cripples Hanabi’s escape attempts, solidifying Irithel’s advantage.

Strategic Play: Choosing between Inspire and Sprint tailors Irithel’s approach to the battlefield’s demands. Windtalker, as a first item, boosts her mobility and damage output, enabling Irithel to effectively chase down or retreat from skirmishes. In the face of an advancing Hanabi, Berserker’s Fury or Wind of Nature can be decisive, providing the damage or survivability needed to outlast her in confrontations.

Mastering the counterplay

The key to neutralising Hanabi lies not solely in Mobile Legends hero selection but in understanding and executing a comprehensive strategy. Early game pressure, precise positioning, and adaptive itemisation are crucial components of a successful counter-strategy to counter Hanabi. Collaboration with teammates to disrupt Hanabi’s farming and exert continuous pressure will prevent her from reaching her full potential.

Counter Hanabi is a dynamic challenge that requires flexibility, foresight, and teamwork. By leveraging the strengths of Bruno, Beatrix, and Irithel, players can stifle Hanabi’s impact, steering the game towards a favourable outcome. As you head into battle, remember that the foundation of victory lies in preparation, execution, and the relentless pursuit of mastery over your chosen heroes. Last but not least, don’t forget to buy MLBB diamonds pin from U7BUY to enhance your gaming adventure.

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