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The Mix Launches “The Mix Connect”: A Digital Package for Schools to Support Student Mental Health and Well-Being

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The UK’s leading digital youth charity, The Mix, is announcing the launch of The Mix Connect, a new digital package for schools to support their student’s mental health and well-being.

The tool builds on The Mix and Shout‘s hugely successful support channels and youth voice work.

The launch comes at a time when young people are struggling more than ever with their mental health due to the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and a climate of anxiety-inducing news. Now especially, busy school staff need support protecting their students’ well-being, and The Mix Connect provides the perfect solution.

What support does The Mix Connect offer students?

The Mix Connect offers a range of early intervention support designed to provide young people with various options for any situation they may be struggling with. It offers anonymous peer-to-peer support, expert advice, local services, and crisis support, all available 24/7.

What does The Mix Connect package offer?

  • An embeddable tool that provides access to a range of support and information that can be filtered to location.
  • An ambassador programme designed by The Mix and young people.
  • Staff and ambassador toolkits that provide detailed guidance on safely telling students’ stories.
  • Anonymous data is sent to schools monthly so that they can understand prevalent issues.
  • Ongoing support from The Mix’s team through newsletters sharing best practices, Q&A workshops and more.


Who created The Mix Connect?

The Mix Connect has been produced by experts across The Mix, including professionals from their services team, youth voice team and most importantly, young people. It employs tried and tested models of mental health support and is protected by robust safeguarding procedures.

What young people say about The Mix and Shout

The Mix and Shout have over 25 years of practical experience supporting young people’s well-being. 91% of The Mix’s users would recommend its services to a friend, and 94% say they would visit again (The Mix Annual Survey, 2020).

“I started using The Mix to seek mental health support, as I cannot confide in those around me. I like the idea of being with others who understand my mental health. It makes me feel like I’m not alone.” – Mix community user

“I was in a dark place, and I didn’t want to carry on, but you made me realise there is hope and things will get better.” – Shout Texter

Zoe Bailie, the deputy CEO at The Mix, said: “The Mix Connect is a game-changing tool for schools, putting well-being support at student’s fingertips, reducing the pressure on school staff and creating a culture of openness around mental health for school communities. Easy to use and with accessible data and an ambassador programme, we’re confident that The Mix Connect will transform student and staff well-being.”

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