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Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Student Accommodation

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Student accommodation is one of the biggest decisions you should make. Getting it right with student accommodation will give you a humble time when it comes to your overall stay in college. That’s why you should avoid making common mistakes when looking for student accommodation. The following are common student accommodation mistakes that can make your life on campus a nightmare.

Not drawing a budget

Budget well. If you need more comfort, you must pay more. However, if you are on a budget, consider living with someone else.

Not visiting the accommodation

Physically visit the accommodation. It will give you an overview of what to expect. Check the rooms. Look at the kitchen. Evaluate the security of the surrounding.

Not evaluating your lifestyle

Not evaluating your lifestyle can land you in problems. For instance, if you love comfort, you will need student accommodation that has spacious rooms. It should also have extra amenities. However, you must pay more to get these amenities.

Not doing good research

Doing research is an important component when it comes to selecting where to live. There are a lot of options out there. The research will help you narrow down to the accommodation that suits your explicit needs.

Not considering the location

Location is important. If you don’t want to comminute, choose student accommodation that’s close to your college. However, if it’s ok with you, you can live anywhere. However, you must be very comfortable with the distance to your college.

Not evaluating student accommodation options

You should consider the options available. Here are a few options you should consider:

  • Halls of residence. Halls of residences are ideal for first-years who don’t have adequate knowledge of the area. Here, students live in or near the college. You won’t spend any money on travel costs. Still more, halls of residences are characterized by numerous incentives. They include free Wi-Fi, Gym membership, as well as discounted foods.
  • Private renting. Ideal for those who love flashy life, private renting gives you more flexibility when it comes to living. This option is expensive. However, if you need space, this is the option for you. Do your search online. There are several options available. However, be sure to choose a secure accommodation.
  • House share. Sharing a house with another student is a popular option. Here, you will cost-share almost everything. From foodstuffs to furniture, house share is an economical student accommodation option. Plus, you can throw parties during the weekend. However, it’s important to balance the expectations with the reality on the ground.  For instance, you might get into an argument, which can lead to fights. It’s important to live with someone you understand.
  • Living at your home. If your home is close to college, then you can live there. This option is cheap and convenient. Plus, living with family members helps you adapt well during your first few years in college. However, you won’t have the freedom you need in college.

The bottom line

If you want your stay in school is enjoyable, get things right when looking for university accommodation in Exeter. In particular, avoid making the above mistakes when looking for student accommodation. 

Elena Deeley did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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