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The Mini-Styling Guide with a Big Future: Glasses and Fashion

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Once upon a time, glasses were a disgusting necessity, gnashed at by the unfortunate few who needed to wear them to maintain clear vision. Today, they are a popular fashion accessory. What was once an object of derision for a vision aid has now reached such a level of admiration that some fashion-conscious people wear flat glasses simply because they want to be part of the fashionable eyewear-wearing brigade. But what is the right way to use this accessory? The truth is simple: whatever you like. The shape of the glasses must naturally match the shape of the wearer’s face.

So glasses are yet another accessory where fashion freedom prevails; however, some basic principles should be considered to prevent you from looking too eccentric:

Business eyewear

If you are looking for glasses that will have a positive impact on your career and will go well with an elegant, traditional suit, then classic, plain frames are an excellent choice. In this case, rimless glasses are a more suitable choice. These glasses go well with all kinds of men’s and women’s formal wear. Classic metal frames are also a suitable choice. Although angular frames made of horn or black plastic look slightly stiff, they are very stylish. These frames provide a glamorous contrast to pencil skirt and blouse combinations or fitted dresses. As a rule, bright color combinations or overly conspicuous design elements should be avoided when choosing eyewear for a business environment.

Just casual

Those who prefer an athleisure look in their free time know how to show off their true colors. Eyewear of all shapes and sizes seems to make life difficult, especially when it comes to choosing, and plain clothes are a real option. However, people who like to wear their beloved colors over and over again can create fashion changes and add some variety. A pair of plain sprint sports trousers with a sports top and heels is a great way to add further color combinations to the dressing trend. Green, purple, red, and blue are popular colors for mainstream plastic frames. If you’re more of a collegiate looker in your leisure time, then classic aviators or timeless horn-rimmed glasses are a good choice to follow the trend. Actress Uma Thurman has even been seen wearing horn-rimmed glasses while out shopping.

Creative push: vintage-styled glasses

Whether you are a student, an artist, or an advertiser – for many glasses wearers, glasses are not only an accessory and a visual aid, but also an expression of their attitude to life. These creative types are often popular for their retro styling and dark plastic frames. For decades, these so-called “scholastic glasses” were considered to be out of fashion, but today they are trendy for fashionistas, celebrities, and people with a creative streak. Always known simply as “horn-rimmed glasses”, they go with every look, no matter how quirky, exaggerated, or sexy. In any case, we’ll talk more about scholastic eyewear later.

Another hint that has become popular among trendsetters is the round glasses, which Whoopi Goldberg has been making famous for years. At this point, Beatles fans will surely say that John Lennon also contributed immensely to the success of this shape, but whether they are made of plastic or metal, these glasses are trendy, fashionable accessories. Round or angular, these innovative glasses are perfect for Seventies suits (including flared trousers and paneled waistcoats) and work equally well with printed dresses, maxi skirts, and hot trousers. Of course, they can also be worn with simple, sophisticated, and traditional black suits, which are common in the creative industries.

Pedant glasses: not at all out of fashion

Let’s go back to the above-mentioned pedant glasses. For many celebrities, these glasses are a basic fashion necessity, favored by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Hugh Grant. Plastic frames with patterns, whether black or brown, are very standard in the fashion world and represent a fashion statement at the same time. You will be hard-pressed to find an occasion or suit where this accessory is considered inappropriate. Some people are eyewear enthusiasts, so much so that without visual defects they wear pedantic glasses with flat lenses or no lenses at all.

These glasses can become a fashion trademark. A prime example of this is the Greek singer Nana Mouskouri, who is known for and associated with wearing black mainstream glasses for decades, always paired with romantic dresses and elegant evening wear. She has the sense to make things a good thing. In her early years, she was ridiculed for wearing what people considered old-fashioned, outdated frames. Today, she can only be seen as a trendsetter because of her serious dressing and black styles, which also fit into the category of scholastic eyewear. But please forgive us for discussing just one pair of glasses here, because the international star certainly has several. The singer is said to have more than 100 of these glasses.

My styling tip

  • Contrast is a good thing. This means that romantic silk dresses look great with horn-rimmed glasses, while round, trendy glasses are better for more serious suits.
  • Show your true colours. Purple smocks go well with bright red glasses. However, be careful when wearing pastel colours. Metal or plastic frames in black, brown, or similar pastel colours are better for this situation.
  • Glasses with very attention-grabbing patterns are hard to match with different dress codes. When choosing what to wear, it is advisable to stick to the same color.
  • Be careful not to go overboard. Glasses with elaborate decorations, large springs, or large-size screws can be sufficiently noticeable on their own. These types of glasses go well with simple suits to avoid “overdoing” your outfit.
  • Suitable for many occasions. Rimless, metal, or horn-rimmed glasses can be worn with different things and are suitable for many occasions. Tip: Choose this style for your first pair of glasses so that you can be more experienced next time.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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