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Adam Ferrari on 5 Ways to Change Your Mindset When You’re Struggling as an Entrepreneur

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Some people seem to have been born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and an internal drive to build something from scratch. Others find it necessary to work at developing the mindset needed to strike out on their own. In either case, there comes a time when every entrepreneur finds it helpful to breathe new life into their drive. Here, entrepreneur Adam Ferrari provides five ways to become a more resilient entrepreneur by changing your mindset.

Continue to learn and grow

Learning, mastering new skills, and personal growth and development may have attracted you to the idea of entrepreneurship. Once you’ve grown your business and mastered the ins and outs of making your dream a reality, turn your attention toward new aspects of growing your business. You may find that to be just as much a challenge as it was getting it off the ground.

Embrace discomfort

Your willingness to step out of your comfort zone brought you to where you are now. If you find that you have settled comfortably into your life, it may be time to shake things up a bit again. Growth is always uncomfortable. It stretches you beyond where you may stay without any mental excursion. If you feel like your career or business has stagnated, look inside, and discover what you have been avoiding because it seems uncomfortable – then do it.

Build a community

Many entrepreneurs see themselves as lone rangers or mavericks, pioneering new territories of their field. Indeed, it is that disregard, even disdain, for running with the pack that earned you the success you enjoy. In the end, however, riding off into the sunset alone brings little satisfaction. We all need other people. Use your talents to build a community around the business you have started. Try creating user groups for your customers. Find ways to interact with those outside your company to build a more comprehensive network.


You’ve learned a ton about your field and how to build a business. Share what you know with others. Help them along their path. Few things are more satisfying in life than helping someone else learn and grow. If you are feeling stuck in the rut of your entrepreneurial endeavors, look past your own needs and help someone else. It will bring new meaning to your life.

Remember why you started

You started your business for some excellent reasons: more income, autonomy, a more secure future, and any number of other reasons. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, and you will (nearly everyone does) take some time to look back and remember why you started in the first place. Many of those reasons still exist today. Take time to enjoy the progress you have made.

When you find that what used to excite you, the reason you got up and after it every day, has become commonplace, maybe even dull, change your mindset. Keep your drive alive by discovering innovative ways to reach new heights.

About Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari is a chemical engineer and founder of the mineral and leasehold acquisitions company, Ferrari Energy. Adam and his company Ferrari Energy have supported non-profit organisations such as Next Steps of Chicago, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, and Coats for Colorado. Ferrari is also the creator of the Adam Ferrari Health Science Scholarship, which is targeted towards high school students who wish to study health science in college with the goal of providing better care for patients with physical disabilities.

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