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MyMindPal Event: Who Is Your Mind’s Best Friend?

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Brighton-based MyMindPal recently held its first Mental Health at Work event, at 68 Middle Street, attended by over 60 people including Councillor Alexandra Phillips, the current Mayor of Brighton & Hove.

The free event which aimed to give valuable insights, tools and techniques to attendees in order to help them protect the mental health of their employees, boasted a world-class line-up of expert speakers including world renowned behavioural scientist and bestselling author of Happy Ever After, Professor Paul Dolan.

Professor Dolan spoke powerfully about evidence based small changes that can make a big difference to employees’ well-being as well as the narrative traps we can all fall into, which often fail to serve our personal levels of well-being.

Professor Dolan was followed by MyMindPal co-founder, therapist and health behaviour expert Khody Damestani who gave attendees simple tools and techniques aimed at helping people handle life’s challenges and manage their stress levels. 

After a coffee and networking opportunity James Shillaker, founder of Incorporate Gym Benefits and Well-being Provider, spoke about the accessible physical wellbeing products and services currently available for all sizes of business.

James was followed by Helen Monk, a senior HR Manager at Crunch Accounting, who added her voice as to why it’s vital to look after the wellbeing of your people.  This was followed by a Q&A session where attendees’ questions were answered by the panel of speakers.

Commenting on the event Jason Blyth, co-founder of MyMindPal said: ‘This was our first event and we are thrilled at the response from local businesses.  None of us can be in any doubt about the impact health and wellness, including mental health, has on our businesses – both positive and negative.  This event was aimed firmly at sharing information and easy to implement initiatives with business people with a view to helping their employees.

‘Events like these fit extremely well with our aim as a business which is to help everyday working people by strengthening their ability to handle life’s challenges and navigate those who need immediate help to a confidential and safe place.’

MyMindPal and Business Live UK are currently planning a calendar of events to dive deeper into the subject.

MyMindPal helps everyday working people by strengthening their ability to handle life’s challenges and navigate those who need immediate help to a confidential and safe place.  We are all about fighting the causes of stress and mental health and not just handling the symptoms, ensuring that individuals thrive, companies prosper and society as a whole benefits.

MyMindPal team consists of respected behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists, talented copywriters and creatives and a tech-savvy development team delivering a seamless user experience.  It has taken five years of this combined talent to make their app so simple to use and effective.

Everything they do is based on simplicity, accessibility and engagement. MyMindPal makes it easy for any size of business to get the world out and start protecting its people. They also provide a flexible in app area so employees can access all their well-being benefits in one place.

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