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Minds Anonymous: Self-Funded Mental Health Initiative Now Sponsored by Lee Broders

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Minds Anonymous, the independent mental health initiative, announced that personal life and business growth coach, Lee Broders, will be sponsoring the site.  

Minds Anonymous is a free platform where people share mental health-related content anonymously. It is run by award-winning mental health campaigner Louisa ‘Wizzi’ Magnussen.

In addition to the reader-submitted stories, the site has supporting articles from professional partners. The site offers people a space to read, learn and share information on mental health conditions to reduce stigma

Louisa met Lee when she interviewed him on her radio show, The Business of, for B2B station Connections Radio, in July 2022, and the conversation continued long after the recording finished.

Lee Broders helps his clients take control of both their personal and business lives, leading them to freedom and fulfilment. Lee explained his motivation for sponsoring the site: ‘Everyone talks about the importance of mental health, but few do anything practical to help. Minds Anonymous is unique in its approach to exposing the realities of poor mental health from the patient’s viewpoint. It has the potential to help thousands of sufferers, and I wanted to do my bit to keep the initiative going.’

Louisa has suffered and learnt to manage multiple mental health conditions since childhood and is an advocate for reducing the stigma attached to this topic. Louisa won a Janey Antonoi finalist award from Rethink Mental Illness in 2021 for her work creating, developing, designing, launching and running Minds Anonymous. The site has international appeal, with visitors now coming from over 70 countries.

Louisa explained her motivation for setting up Minds Anonymous: “There is still a lack of understanding around mental health and, more specifically, how conditions make those with them feel: there is a stigma. ‘I developed Minds Anonymous to increase awareness from the experience holder’s viewpoint, to shine a light on the humanity behind the diagnosis and give a safe space for people to be honest about how they feel about their experiences.’

Last year Minds Anonymous partnered with Colorado-based duo Erik DaRosa and Marc Fernandes, co-hosts of the popular From Survivor to Thriver podcast, and appeared on the podcast herself. Among the initiative’s other sponsors are; Violet Elephant Clothing, run by Barnaby Roberts.

Experts on the Minds Anonymous team include counsellor/psychotherapist Gill Jardine and workplace well-being coach Tracy Douthwaite. They both contribute supporting content from a combined 70+ years of professional experience in the mental health sector.

The website has been entirely self-funded by Louisa, and a crowdfunding campaign is running to gather the necessary resources to keep the initiative online. Lee’s contribution is an excellent step toward funding the project’s future and helping more people understand mental health and mental illness. Along with providing a therapeutic platform for those with experience of mental illness.

Minds Anonymous is free and non-profit making. If you’re interested in improving your understanding of mental health or want to share a story anonymously, visit here.  

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