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Recently, mindfulness has become popular as people seek a balance between peacefulness and busy life. You’ve likely heard a lot about mindfulness. When you consider mindfulness, you may picture someone sitting on the floor meditating endlessly. Of course, you can do it this way, however, there are other ways to add more mindfulness into your life. 

It’s taking the time to simply appreciate the moment that you’re currently in. You might wish to sit quietly and listen to the world or smell the scents that surround you. 

According to research, those who learn mindfulness find positivity in the action. It greatly improves your well-being and your concentration while allowing you to enjoy the moment that you’re in. 

Here are six quick and easy ways to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine:

  • Stop whatever it is that you’re doing and note your breathing. Listen to yourself breathe as you breathe in and breathe out. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out.
  • Sit in your garden or a location that helps you to relax on your lunch break. Enjoy the peace and serenity and notice how nature is all around you. Listen to the birds and notice how the grass and trees sway in the breeze. The scents that surround you can add positivity to your day. From fresh-baked bread to the flowers in the garden or even a trip to the florist you can breathe in fresh scents that are soothing to the mind.
  • Take time to consider how you zone out. When and where do you catch yourself zoning out? Is it while you’re working or reading your email? Is it while you’re relaxing? Become more aware of it and practice it when you’re concentrating on a particular task.
  • When taking a walk breathe in the fresh air and don’t stress about the destination. Tune in to your body’s movements and put one foot in front of the other mindfully.
  • Take time each evening to plan out tomorrow’s activities. Prioritise what is most important. This can help you to reduce stress by reducing rushing through to get the priorities done. This can free you up to stay in the moment and enjoy life right where you’re at. It may include pre-planning your breakfast with the family or simply yourself to avoid rushing through your morning.
  • Enjoy ‘me’ time. Many times we get so caught up in helping others that we forget me time. Me time is vital to helping you appreciate mindfulness.

Mindfulness can be easily practised for as little as two minutes or even two hours or longer per day. It’s all up to you and what makes you comfortable. Mindfulness is staying in the moment without thinking about the past or the future.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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