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Mindfulness Education Redesigns New Mindfulness App – A Daily Mindful Reminders

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Growing mindfulness education company Mind Body Align recently announced a redesign and relaunch of Align, their mindfulness app. Align sends daily mindful reminders and prompts to support bringing individuals to the moment, which is the essence of the mindfulness practice.

Align saw a complete redesign and is now an integral part of the programs at Mind Body Align. “The Align App has been rethought, beginning with the smallest details. We learned from what our users loved in the first version, created new prompts that are smarter, and packaged all that in an all-new design that allows the user to focus on the moment,” said Evan Ryan, founder of Teammate AI, the web developer.

The world is increasingly dependent on technology, and Mind Body Align is moving all its programs forward with technical innovation. This benefits schools and workplaces in the age of remote work because brains are now trained to respond to this type of interaction. Mind Body Align was recently named by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) as a finalist for its Innovation Showcase, highlighting the use of technology in education.

“While there are many readily available applications which provide sleep stories, meditations, and mindfulness practices, Align is the only app that quietly engages one to embrace the moment,” said Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align.

Mind Body Align works in schools, workplaces, and communities to teach skills that infuse a level of awareness proven to improve job satisfaction, create more effective collaborations, and reduce personal stress. 

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