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RCVS Mind Matters Initiative and VN Futures Expand Training Collaboration

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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons RCVS  Mind Matters Initiative and VN Futures project is expanding their training collaboration to include self-compassion and anxiety workshops.

MMI and VN Futures have a long-standing working relationship, and their common aims have seen them work together in several different capacities over the past few years.

This has included undertaking joint research into the well-being and mental health of veterinary nurses, running an online student well-being discussion forum, and, as part of their recent training collaboration, coming together to expand the reach of MMI’s civility and psychological safety training sessions.

The newest addition to the training collaboration includes several new evidence-based workshops on anxiety and self-compassion.  

Mind Matters Initiative manager Lisa Quigley said: “We know that working in the veterinary professions is challenging, and evidence shows that veterinary professionals are at higher risk of suffering from common mental health problems such as anxiety and burnout than the general population.”

“Using insights from previous joint VN Futures and MMI ventures, we are proud to expand our training collaboration to provide targeted support which can actively make a tangible difference to the professions.”

“When it comes to mental health, well-being, and the duration of positive workplace cultures, there is no quick fix – it takes time and dedication from all involved. We are grateful for the support of VN Futures as we work together to help create this positive shift.”

Jill Macdonald, VN Futures Project lead, said: “At VN Futures, we aim to ensure that veterinary nursing is a vibrant, rewarding and sustainable profession and that supporting mental health and wellbeing is vital to this.”

“Veterinary nurses are essential to the veterinary team, and creating workplaces where the entire team can thrive and feel valued and respected is of utmost importance. Working with MMI to expand the reach of the civility and psychological safety training sessions has proven effective in promoting this concept.”

“Like our civility and psychological safety training, our new anxiety and self-compassion workshops are open to everyone in the veterinary team and are designed to provide people with the skills needed to create long-lasting sustainable positive change.”

“We hope delegates will find the sessions useful and will apply the skills they have learned to support themselves and those around them both now and in the future.”

Initial training dates are as listed below and will take place in person (sessions cost £15 per person):

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