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Millions Walk 25% More as WeWard Rewards Steps via Strategic Partnerships

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In the latest episode of Mass Appeal Podcast, brought to you by adjoe, host Tommy introduces Yves Benchamal, CEO and co-founder of WeWard, the app that’s changing the way people think about walking. Episode 6 reveals how WeWard has motivated its massive userbase to increase their daily steps’ count by 25% through a unique blend of strategic partnerships, gamification, and rewards.

As Benchamal explains, “Our vision for WeWard is to increase the number of steps taken by millions of people. And by doing that, we will solve many issues, like disconnecting people from the screen to help them improve their physical and mental health. It’s a way to make people go outside, be in the real environment, and be at what we call the natural speed of people.” With over 20 million users globally, WeWard’s mission to encourage healthier lifestyles by financially rewarding physical activity is making significant strides in public health.

The CEO of WeWard reveals that, on average, users begin walking 25% more after installing the app. Now, aiming for a 50% increase, WeWard’s strategy effectively balances users’ physical activity with its further motivation by offering rewards for on-screen engagement. By recognising that modern users are accustomed to gamification and tech-amplified experiences, WeWard has precisely targeted user preferences by rewarding walking. Therefore, the widespread shift towards more active living, initiated by WeWard, is attributed to the three main pillars of the company’s strategy:

1. Gamification

WeWard’s gamified system engages users with goals, badges, and achievements, creating a loop that celebrates every step taken.

2. Social interaction

The app fosters a community of walkers, allowing users to connect, compete, and share successes within a supportive network that encourages more physical activity.

3. Rewards

Users can convert their steps into tangible and financial benefits, further amplifying these rewards through engagement tools in their on-screen time. This enhances motivation to continue using the app, encouraging more walking and earning points.

The rewards system that converts steps into real money is funded by WeWard’s strategic partnerships with companies like adjoe. In adjoe’s case, their playtime technology within the WeWard app offers users the chance to earn extra money by playing games after their walking sessions. Features like this not only address users’ desires for more rewards but also generate revenue for WeWard.

This revenue stream is essential, as it funds the rewards for the app’s user base. By integrating gaming and other partnerships into the ecosystem, WeWard creates a win-win situation: users enjoy a diversified experience that rewards them beyond walking, and the app sustains its rewards model. WeWard’s ability to integrate the app into users’ lifestyles – on and off-screen – drives more loyalty and steps, strengthening the engagement loop that has already motivated millions to positively impact their well-being.

Now, the company’s special focus lies in growing within the US market, leveraging the momentum gained from its expansion across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Japan. The US venture represents a strategic move into one of the world’s most expansive and steadily growing app markets for both the loyalty and wellness sectors – the intersection of WeWard’s specialty.

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