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Midlife Changes in Men Could Be Caused by Low Testosterone

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Male menopause or ‘andropause’ onset in men is linked to dropping levels of testosterone which can be as much as 1% every year after the age of 30, and by the age of 50, testosterone levels may have dropped by 20%. 

This drop in testosterone levels, a hormone made in the testes, can lead to a lack of overall energy and vitality and get up and go. Psychologically, this can manifest as depression and anxiety. 

As well as ageing, other factors such as poor sleep, stress, excessive alcohol intake, illness, being overweight and poor diet can negatively affect testosterone levels which in turn can cause a host of physical symptoms too, such as lack of energy, low libido, loss of strength, and weight gain.

However, the good news is that there are several ways men can support testosterone production by increasing their intake of specific nutrients and lifestyle adaptations, such as including resistance exercise and getting high-quality sleep, all of which can help to increase levels of this hormone naturally. 

To support men during this phase of ageing and to help raise awareness of andropause, the market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan has created Cytosterone, a brand new safe, natural and effective support for healthy testosterone levels in men.

Supporting the adrenal glands to create testosterone in the body, Cytosterone is a natural plant-based supplement containing Fenugreek seeds extract to provide Protodioscin, which is one of the most natural and bioavailable ingredients used to naturally optimise levels of testosterone in the body, supporting a healthy libido, mental alertness and optimising athletic performance.

Amanda Williams, CEO of Cytoplan, who launched Cytosterone this month, said: ”We often hear comments about a ‘male midlife crisis’, and with recent research, we now know that men can truly struggle both psychologically and physiologically while experiencing a drop in testosterone, which is often called the andropause or late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) usually around the age of 50.”

“This reduction in testosterone can significantly affect the quality of life, well-being and health in general. Therefore, we have been working to create a natural, safe and effective testosterone supplement that helps increase levels and support hormonal balance.”

“Using a natural  booster alongside key nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids either from food or in supplement form and eating a healthy nutrient-dense diet with regular exercise should significantly help to support men during this natural phase.”

Both natural and suitable for vegans, Cytosterone is delivered in capsules and is non-GMO and pesticide free. 

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health, and the company is dedicated to improving the health of the nation, both ethically and sustainably.

An independent British company wholly owned by The AIM Foundation, Cytoplan invests widely in health and nutritional projects across the UK. It addresses issues such as global warming, community well-being and mental health. Every product purchased goes towards helping others. 

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