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Microneedling: Reveal a More Youthful You Today Copy

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If you have been watching skincare-related videos, you probably know how varied skin treatments have become. There’s treatment for pigmentation, in-grown hair, acne, and whatnot.

However, the most on-trend treatment that skin enthusiasts are going crazy over is a mix of all the above treatments, i.e., Microneedling.

Microneedling is a less invasive skincare procedure that involves using a number of thin needles to make tiny ruptures on the top layer of the skin. Through this, your skin produces collagen and elastin to heal the sudden damage.

How does the process of microneedling work?

In microneedling, your face is pricked by several tiny needles to cause significant damage to the tissues of the upper layer of your skin.

These microscopic needles penetrate through the skin layer to create channels for the production of elastin and collagen. Huge collagen fibers and elastin production results in faster skin repair and a youthful appearance.

When our body tissues are damaged due to any reason, the wound repair ability starts to enact in the damage. Similarly, when several thread-like needles are pricked into your skin, the skin will automatically produce more proteins like elastin and collagen to repair the damage. Hence, resulting in healthy skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling is done using a surgical tool called a dermaroller. Dermarollers have micro-fine needles that range from 0.5 to 2.5 millimeters in breadth. However, the pain from this tool is minimal, similar to the pain of pinpricks on the skin’s top surface.

One must remember that microneedling can be different for different people. People wanting microneedling for acne, scarring, pigmentation, anti-ageing, etc., might require several sessions of the procedure for a prominent result.

Benefits of microneedling to make your skin look younger

The procedure of Microneedling has brought immensely positive results in the skincare sector. Here are some benefits of microneedling that promote younger-looking skin.

  • Increase in collagen production. Collagen fibers make up 90% of our skin barrier, along with 10% of elastin. Hence, when the top skin barrier is damaged, the body produces more collagen to heal the impaired skin tissues. In general circumstances, our skin has a moderate level of collagen production. However, one session of microneedling can boost collagen deposition by up to 100% in a month.
  • Anti-ageing properties. Microneedling has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by replacing damaged collagen fibres with new collagen deposition. Moreover, the dermaroller reaches deep wrinkles in the face, such as wrinkles around the mouth. This helps smoothen the skin around the wrinkled surface by depositing elastin and collagen in the area. It also boosts brightness in dull patches by increasing blood flow in the skin. The dermaroller ruptures help the blood deposit enough vitamins and collagen in the affected area. Hence, it promotes the reduction of fine lines and pigmentation caused by irregular blood circulation in your skin.
  • Improved skin texture. Through microneedling, your skin goes through exfoliation and is left smoother after the first session. The tiny needles of the dermaroller damage the skin’s top layer and dead skin cells. This results in glowing, healthy skin. Additionally, the holes made by the dermaroller do not enlarge your pores. Rather, the collagen boost in the skin barrier plumps the area around the pores and reduces its overall appearance.
  • Enhanced absorption of skincare products. Our skin barrier can interfere with the fast absorption of our daily skincare products. However, studies show that microneedling increases the absorption of skin serums by almost 300%. This is because the dermaroller ruptures the skin barrier and creates several channels in the epidermis and dermis for the serum to pass through. Microneedling can be done using several skin care products, such as hydrating serums, brightening creams, etc. The effectiveness of the cosmetics starts to show up instantly through microneedling, whereas, in regular methods, it takes months for results to show up on the skin.
  • Deduction of pockmarks and scarring. Scaring and pockmarks are easily fixed by a few sessions of microneedling on the affected areas. The skin-needling procedure activates an increased deposition of collagen in marks. Hence, it also increases the scar’s production of new skin cells. Additionally, the procedure is effective on any scars, such as burns, acne scars, surgical scars, etc. It helps to remove the dull patch from the root of the damaged area.
  • Removes sun damage. As Microneedling triggers our natural immune retort, it helps in repairing skin damage, especially tan. The dullness caused by sun tan is actually an appearance of collective skin cells damaged by direct sun rays. Microneedling penetrates through these damaged cells and increases the deposition of collagen fibers and elastin in the affected region. Hence, it produces new skin tissues and builds a replenished skin barrier.
  • Reduces acne. Acne usually appears in the skin due to clogged pores, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, or bacteria. However, as Microneedling increases blood flow in your skin, it helps to supply more oxygen to your skin cells and deposit collagen around your pores. Hence, it prevents acne from appearing on the skin and promotes a healthy glow to your face and body.

How many sessions of microneedling do you need to achieve youthful skin?

Microneedling treatment starts to show instant results from the first session itself. You might get worried by the little bruises and redness on your face, but that is just a part of the skin barrier healing process.

You will find significant changes in your skin, such as gradual fading of dullness, fading of marks, reduced patchiness around fine lines, etc.

Nevertheless, you will require at least three sessions of Microneedling treatment with prescribed time gaps for optimum results.
It is important to remember that the procedure duration might vary depending on different skin conditions. Therefore, your current skin condition will decide how many sessions of treatment you will require for ever-lasting results.


Microneedling procedure in recent days heavily depends on scientific approaches, much like any skin minimally invasive skin treatment. Hence, it is guaranteed to give instant results.

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