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Luxury Male Grooming Brand Supports Mental Health Charity to Redefine Masculinity

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Luxury male grooming brand, MESOA, has launched in partnership with mental health charity CALM; to break through the stigma of masculinity. Using naturally-derived ingredients, high-quality essential oils, and no parabens or sulphates, the products are of only the highest quality.

MESOA is for men overwhelmed by the grooming products on the market – perhaps not knowing which ones to use, when, and for what reason. For men who wouldn’t feel comfortable enough discuss moisturising cream with their mates, let alone talk about mental health issues.

MESOA educates men on how to groom – and groom well. In an age of men stealing their girlfriends’ moisturisers, MESOA’s aim is to break down any misconceptions around masculinity, male grooming and well-being; giving men of all ages products they can truly call their own… without feeling a sense of embarrassment.

MESOA is founded by soldier-come-entrepreneur Matt Jones. ‘After suffering with mental health issues for a number of years since leaving the army, I’ve turned my life around and want to help others do the same. If I can help men look good, feel good and do good – maybe for the first time in their life – then that makes me happy.’

Matt adds: ‘What does it mean to “be a man”? Masculinity seems to be questioned in society nowadays, in an attempt to define it – which is really damaging. The truth is, it’s OK for men to ask for help, cry or talk about mental health. We just need to spread this message and make changes now.’

In support of the cause, 10% of all proceeds to CALM, who lead the movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. This contributes to supporting all men in times of mental health crisis, challenging masculinity culture, pushing for policy changes to prevent suicide, and supporting those bereaved by suicide.

Visit mesoa.men to view the product range, and read about MESOA’s philosophy for the future.

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