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City Lit to Host Mental Wealth Festival on World Mental Health Day

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The seventh Mental Wealth Festival, hosted by City Lit, is from 10th15th October, coinciding with World Mental Health Day on 10th October. Mental Wealth Festival will focus on positive impact and ways to adapt to the changes in our relationships with ourselves, other people, work, home, and the communities in which we live. The festival will include stories and tools to positively help people recognise and respond to mental health issues and evolve in these extraordinary times.

City Lit offers a programme of online and in-person workshops throughout the week, introducing people to the therapeutic power of learning and feeding the mind. There are also a series of panel discussions at City Lit and other venues across London, including the British Museum, The Royal Opera House, and The Bethlem Royal Hospital.

This year, it is about suicide prevention and hope from Suzanne Alderson and Jonny Benjamin; how to have better conversations with Dr Kathryn Mannix and Paul Farmer (CEO of MIND); art and creativity with Sir Antony Gormley at the British Museum. Following a year that has raised the profile of mental health across the UK, City Lit’s seventh Mental Wealth Festival promises to build on that awareness and empower individuals to adapt and move forward with a positive impact.

Line-up of speakers and contributors

On 15th October, City Lit is delighted to welcome Antony Gormley to the British Museum to discuss his life and career with City Lit Principal Mark Malcomson CBE. As a renowned artist and sculptor, he has made a huge contribution to the arts in the UK and beyond and is one of the UK’s most celebrated sculptors with solo shows worldwide.

The discussion will focus on his commitment to sculpture as a focus for social and individual change, the connection between art, creativity and mental health and the benefits of art education and lifelong learning. A moderated Q&A will follow the discussion.

Self-Care and well-being for ethnically diverse women

A discussion for employees and managers who want to support them – a panel discussion on self-care and well-being for ethnically diverse women with Sandra Kerr and Carly Binger from Business in The Community (BITC) at City Lit on 14th October.

City Lit’s Counselling and Psychology department are excited to amplify the pertinent issues affecting ethnically diverse women related to her story—specifically her experience, mental health, and well-being in the workplace.

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