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The Mental Race – My Poem About Mental Health

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If I could influence the human race, I’d say regarding mental health to give up the pointless chase. 

The universe is mental in design, and to add to this we just enter into the rhyme. 

When creative focus is lost, we reside in the impression to be mentally ill must be the cost. 

Thoughts take over our imagined separate world, to the detriment of the universe and I can no longer be heard.

Good people of the world, you are not mentally ill, have just forgotten that you have your own free will. 

A will to be creatively free, to put an end to the mind’s singularity. 

When life’s conditions are imposed, remember out of the ashes the phoenix arose. 

You too can rise above, and all it takes is a little love. The universe operates on thought intent, please make sure that yours are not hell-bent. 

Thoughts of love transcend this plane, and so true to the energy source we should remain. 

To be true to love we stand in our power, free from conditions and egos demanding showers. 

Full power comes from the unity of life, there is no separation from a child, daughter, mother or wife.

Labels chosen do not depict the show, it’s our creativity that gives us endless flow. 

To rise above survival’s basic needs is to live life to the full and succeed. 

The Buddha said suffering is not essential, as far as I can see it just limits potential. 

Nelson Mandela taught that they can lock up the body but not the mind, no prison bars could define. 

We live in a time when psychology is outdated, inhumane, and quite overrated. 

The idea of life was and is to remain with the one mind, not separate yours from it and get left behind. 

Through silence we gain clarity, in this space we defy the laws of gravity. 

No words can describe the power that you hold inside, the secret being not to hide. 

The idea is not to shout and scream unless, of course, being the town crier is your dream. 

The idea is to listen with intent, the universe’s purpose for you is heaven-sent. 

Heaven being the realm above, accessed if you remember with a little love. 

There is no mental illness of the day, just a lack of love and too much hearsay. 

It seems the new trend is to say we are mentally ill, well I can tell you something no one’s messing with my free will.

To be labelled with a doctor’s diagnosis can put the mind under such hypnosis.

If they carry a label themselves they too have mental health. In my opinion, it’s the pharmaceuticals’ way to gain criminal wealth. 

There is only love that mends the mind, and some call this love divine. 

If we take the credit, you may as well put your health on a direct debit. 

By accessing the power of three, we see no one has the power to define me.

Alexandrina Henderson is a mental health advocate.

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