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7 Mental Health and Wellness Workshops That You Can Try This Autumn

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Yoga and journaling in Berchtesgaden

Autumn at Berghotel Rehlegg is all about yoga. The workshop yoga with Inka’ is based on classical Hatha Yoga and kicks off from 13th17th October 2021. Course instructor Inka also brings in her experience as a dance therapist and complements the yoga units with exercises from Qi Gong, Vinyasa yoga, modern dance and Thai massage.

Starting 20th24th October 2021, the certified yoga teacher and wellness therapist Julia Spieß, who lives on Amrum, provides special moments in nature gentle Hatha flow in the middle of the Berchtesgaden mountains. A unique experience awaits the guests when joining the end-of-year retreat – Yoga & Journaling from 17th21st November 2021. It is a combination between yoga and writing about motivation and targets. More information about this and other yoga retreats is available here.

Holistic recreation in the Allgäu

The HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu awaits its guests with workshops focusing on mindfulness and holistic perception in the fall. Let go, recharge your batteries, be free and activate your inner healing powers at the Thai Chi retreat with Armin Schaupp. He combines the basics of QiGong, TaiChi, and yoga techniques in his exercise sessions.

The soft movements of Calligraphy Yoga release tension and relieve pain, reduces stress, improves the energy system and mobility and allow the body to come to rest (appointment by appointment). The fitness retreat of Martin Timmermann, which takes place from 29th September3rd October 2021, addresses those wanting to learn methods and exercises to strengthen their charisma and physical performance in everyday life. The offer of the Hubertus includes other retreats and packages.

Body, mind, and soul in the sun-spoiled Vinschgau valley

The vegan hotel LA VIMEA invites guests from 10th14th October 2021 to join Base fasting Detox and Hiking. The seminar is conducted by Heike Holz, an expert for holistic personal development and the tour guide Jakob Posch. The program of the four-day workshop includes accompanied base fasting with base-forming, vegan, organic dishes, mindfulness training, guided (forest) meditations and breathing exercises, and lectures on selected topics of holistic health. It gets active during the daily hikes, which take place in (almost) any weather.

Mindfulness with Meyotai in South Tyrol

From 17th19th September 2021, the Eco Park Hotel Azalea offers Meyotai, a special combination of meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi, and combining exercises of the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu techniques Indian Contemporary. It activates all senses, frees the body from daily tensions, awakens new emotional levels and creates new energy. You can find the offers of the hotel here.

Cook, work and shop at the Weissensee

The Genießerhotel Die Forelle at the Carinthian Weissensee invites guests to cook and be active from 10th15th October 2021. The seminar Cook. Work. Shop. Besides relaxation at the Weissensee, the hotel offers diverse cooking experiences. On Monday, it is all about bread & biscuits, while on the second day, the participants learn ‘trout Insides’ about sauces & soups. On the third workshop day, the guests prepare a complete three-course autumn menu. The last day of cooking school is all about vegetables. 

Processing primal grains in the high Tauern National Park

Baking bread with East Tyrolean Urweizen during your vacation at Naturhotel Outside, in Matrei. According to an old family recipe with original wheat from East Tyrol, Freshly smelling, homemade bread – as in grandmother’s time. The chef himself shows how it’s done. The workshop should best have partaken at the end of the guests’ stay because two loaves of bread are given to the workshop participants to take home.

Tango vacations at the Bodensee

When days become shorter and the year draws to a close, Schloss Wartegg in Eastern Switzerland on Lake Constance opens its doors to tango lovers. Argentine native Rafael Herbas will teach authentic Tango Argentino from 26th29th December 2021. Each day, there will be a 90-minute class during the four-day tango workshop, focusing on this dance’s elegance, music, and joy. The offer is for anyone who wants to learn the tango or strengthen their skills.

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