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10 Awesome Mental Health Podcasts to Listen to

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Here are some of the mental health podcasts you can tune into (in alphabetical order). You can listen to them any time of the day, whenever you feel like you need a breather.

  1. Audrey Tang Podcast. If you want to make some positive changes, try the simple, practical and effective self – improvement tools in each 10-minute podcast with Chartered Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang.
  2. Feeling Good. This podcast features David Burns MD, author of Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy, describing powerful new techniques to overcome depression and anxiety.
  3. Invisibilia. Latin for invisible things, this podcast fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
  4. Open Journal Podcast. Hosted by Mike Douglas, the podcast focuses on mental health, illness, wellness, stigma and support. 
  5. Passionate About People. Hosted by Graeme Godfrey and Phil Dave, the focus of the show is on helping people reignite their passion. 
  6. Take Regular Breaks. Hosted by Tania Diggory, Take Regular Breaks has been created to empower you to make time for what’s important and find balance in all aspects of your life.
  7. The Mental Breakdown. This podcast covers a range of topics in psychology and mental health, and is hosted by Dr Berney Wilkinson and Dr Richard Marshall.
  8. The Problem Gambling Podcast. Barry Grant and Tony O’Reilly explore issues surrounding problem gambling and gambling-related harm. 
  9. What I’m Grateful for Today. Writer and actor Shaun Nolan (Pickle, Paper Dolls) has created this new podcast to highlight the importance of gratitude in these uncertain times.
  10. Every Day Psychology. This podcast will help you see the psychological principles in everyday life interactions.

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