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Mental Health Initiatives Have Partnered to Offer Remote Anxiety Relief in January 2021

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The founders of mental health organisations, Way to Wellbeing and Minds Anonymous, have formed a partnership to offer support to those experiencing anxiety

Tracy Douthwaite and Louisa ‘Wizzi’ Magnussen are now working together to offer remote support services to ease the increasing anxiety felt in our society today. 

With the pandemic, redundancies, home working, and the looming economic crisis, anxiety levels amongst the British public is perhaps at its highest rate and is causing the breakdown of good mental health and, in extreme cases, suicides. The Samaritans have announced that a quarter of its calls are to do with lockdown which only goes to highlight the effect of the pandemic on society’s mental health. 

Looking at the data, it is clear to see the pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety among UK citizens and that it is affecting people’s ability to work effectively. 

‘For people reporting high anxiety during the pandemic, over 1 in 5 said that their work had been affected because they were finding working from home difficult.’ This is a strong statistic reported by the Office for National Statistics

Minds Anonymous offers a platform for people to share stories of anxiety and other mental health conditions, free of stigma or shame. In January 2021, the supporting partners of the initiative will be sharing coping techniques with readers on how to effectively tackle the effects of anxiety alongside publishing real-life accounts of what it is like living with anxiety. 

These articles are designed to increase understanding of mental health conditions such as anxiety and, through true storytelling, end the stigma attached to this topic. This is a shared dream of Tracy and Louisa.

‘By bringing understanding, awareness and acceptance to our anxiety we stop the fight within ourselves and can lay the foundations for change,’ said Tracy.

Tracy Douthwaite is a mental health first aid coach and well-being trainer with over 30 years’ experience in the mental health industry. Tracy’s focus is on authentic delivery of real-life techniques to ease the effects of anxiety and promote well-being covering the ‘whole’ person. 

‘I am delighted to have partnered with a true mental health expert and coach to offer further support to our readers and writers through content from Way to Wellbeing,’ said Louisa.

Tracy is offering a Let Go of Anxiety and Step into Life course for organisations and individuals commencing 27th January 2021 to help those experiencing anxiety.

‘Tracy delivers sessions that are informative, engaging and achievable. She has a calm and warm manner which comes across to her audience. I would highly recommend any of her sessions, I have found them to be very beneficial,’ said Susan Pires who attended Tracy’s XX course Managing Anxiety in the current climate 

‘Tracy’s courses are delivered in a compassionate and accessible style. The content is always practical and real; transferable to everyday life situations,” said Ken Frankis who attended Tracy’s XX course Self-Compassion for Your Inner Critic

Tracy will be discussing the importance of self-care and the contents of the course during an interview on business station Connections Radio on the 14th January 2021 at 1pm.

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