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Mental Health in Prisons: Critical Perspectives on Treatment and Confinement

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The online ebook version of Mental Health in Prisons: Critical Perspectives on Treatment and Confinement is out today. 

This edited collection examines how the prison environment, architecture and culture can affect mental health as well as determine both the type and delivery of mental health services. It also discusses how non-medical practices, such as peer support and prison education programmes, offer the possibility of transformative practice and support. By drawing on international contributions, it further demonstrates how mental health in prisons is affected by wider socio-economic and cultural factors, and how in recent years neo-liberalism has abandoned, criminalised and contained large numbers of the world’s most marginalised and vulnerable populations. Overall, this book challenges the dominant narrative of individualism by focusing instead on the relationship between structural inequalities, suffering, survival and punishment.

In this book, Alice Mills and Kathleen Kendall bring together a remarkable set of contributions. Taken together, they remind the reader of the silent but powerfully individualising nature of neo-liberal societies and the toll they take on those imprisoned with mental health problems. Documenting the further marginalisation of the already marginalised, this edited collection sets an important agenda for change. It remains to be seen whether or not anyone listens to its findings. They should.

If you are interested, you can order an online version of this book for only £15 or $15 (regularly £87.50) until Monday 26th November, through Palgrave Macmillan Cybersale


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