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New Startup Aims to Support Mental Health Through the Power of Giving

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An exciting new UK startup is speaking up to let Brits know that it’s OK not to be OK. Launched in August, Simply Gift Box is not afraid to acknowledge and address the often unspoken side of the COVID-19 outbreak: mental health and wellbeing. Offering a selection of little treats that create the motivation that many of us need to take time away from the stresses and worries of pandemic life, the goodie boxes make it easy to practice self-care and let others know they’re appreciated, even during this very challenging time.

Simply Gift Box offers a range of budget-friendly, hand-curated hampers featuring a selection of healthy, cruelty-free items. With a choice of beauty, grooming, snacking, and big-night-in gift boxes, which feature everything from handmade soaps and bath melts for pampering to luxury flavoured popcorns for a sweet treat, and fruity goodies especially designed for little ones, the imaginative and innovative packs can be enjoyed as part of some much-needed ‘me time’, or delivered to friends and family as a small gift.

One of the biggest aims for Simply Gift Box is to challenge the outdated notion of gifting. Once used as a way to refer to present giving for a special occasion, the team behind Simply Gift Box believes that gifting – that doing something nice for oneself and for others – shouldn’t be limited to calendar events, and should be something that becomes part of the new normal.

Marsha Dennis, Simply Gift Box co-founder said: ‘At Simply Gift Box, we’re proud to be following the guidelines and doing what we can to help protect the physical health of ourselves and others during this difficult time, but we can’t forget to think about our mental health, too. Now, more than ever, we all need a bit of a pick me up, which is why we’re making it easier than ever before to enjoy a little treat, and take a bit of a break from the worries of everyday life.’

While the mental health impact of the pandemic is rarely covered in the media, the statistics are worrying. According to the Mental Health Foundation, feelings of loneliness have skyrocketed since March, while the Office for National Statistics reports that depression in the UK has doubled over lockdown. It is becoming increasingly important to protect mental health and well-being. Simply Gift Box believes that a little treat here and there to let someone know they’re appreciated, or for some self-pampering, could really go a long way towards keeping the country healthy during this time.

All products included in the exciting goodie packs by Simply Gift Box are made in Britain, arriving in eco-friendly recyclable packaging that helps to keep the environment healthy, too. Gift boxes can be shipped in 3–4 days across the UK, with free weekend delivery to addresses throughout Epping Forest, Enfield, Chingford, Walthamstow, and surrounding areas.

To find out more about Simply Gift Box, or to become a Simply Gift Box partner, click here.

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