Speaking Tour: Mental Health in Crisis

Speaking Tour: Mental Health in Crisis

The current societal usage of psychiatric drugs does far more harm than good. This can be seen in the rising rates of disability due to mental disorders that has occurred in country after country that has adopted widespread use of these drugs.

The scientific literature reveals why the disability rates have risen so dramatically. Although the public was led to believe that the drugs ‘fix’ chemical imbalances in the brain, the drugs do no such thing. The biological causes of mental disorders remain unknown, and research has shown that psychiatric drugs, in fact, create a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain. This is why many people become dependent on them and suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms when they try to taper off them.

In addition, long-term studies reveal that the drugs increase the chronicity of mental disorders, and impair higher brain functions. They also cause many adverse physical effects, including metabolic problems that are risk factors for early death. In addition, there is evidence that the drugs increase the risk of suicide, violence, and homicide.

Once this literature is known, it raises the question of how the drugs should be used, or whether they should be used at all. This knowledge also reveals a need to provide support to help people taper slowly and safely from these drugs.

We need a new paradigm for psychiatry, one that involves a radical rethinking of the use of these drugs, and a focus on the use of non-drug therapies for helping children and adults struggling with psychiatric difficulties.

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