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Mental Health in the Construction Industry (Infographic)

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Workers in the construction industry have always battled with mental illness. That said, conversations about widespread issues involving anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide among construction workers have only recently begun as the topic becomes less stigmatised over time. The construction industry has the second-highest rate of suicide according to the CDC, due to the rigours of the job and the fact that construction is a male-dominated industry; a challenge because men have higher rates of suicide overall.

With new pressures facing construction workers during the coronavirus pandemic, the stresses involved with this industry have reached new peaks that must be combated with targeted interventions. 

In the following infographic from BigRentz, learn more about:

  • Statistics about mental illness and substance abuse in the construction industry
  • Tips for supporting the mental wellness of construction workers
  • Notable companies providing mental health resources for their employees

As with mental illness in other industries and facets of life, one of the most important interventions is recognition. Many companies are integrating Mental Health First Aid Training, which seeks to educate everyone about the signs and symptoms of mental illness in order to support their colleagues and themselves. Other companies in this industry are making strides to include mental health services as part of health care packages, which is important because research shows that access to mental health providers is a protective factor against suicide. In the coming years, look for the construction industry to continue to find novel ways to tackle the problem of mental illness among its workers. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg.


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