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Mental Health Benefits When You Learn Something New

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Recently, a company approached me to be one of their freelancers for a term paper writing service. I hadn’t written a term paper for years since I graduated from college. But I wanted to do it. The pay was good and would help bolster my writing skills as a freelancer. I believed that the term paper writing service would be a walk in the park, but the problem was that I had to learn a new skill to do it. Nevertheless, I was motivated by the income and put enthusiasm into the effort. 

Like me, you might want to learn a new skill to advance your career. Or you were curious about a topic. For example, I had a friend who learned carpentry because he loved doing woodworking. However, the benefit that comes behind learning new things extends beyond the actual skill learned. 

Benefits of learning new things

The amazing benefits of doing something different are outlined below. 

  • Your rate of learning improves. Have you heard of ‘practice makes perfect’? Yes, when you engage yourself with a new thing and consistently do so, the speed of understanding other things will improve. It is because the brain develops further neural pathways when you practice new experiences. This makes an easy way to assimilate new ideas quickly.
  • Your knowledge improves. Acquiring an incredible skill helps to strengthen knowledge. Your skill set improves further when you connect what you previously learned and the new knowledge. That is why people who are eager to know more have a broader perspective on life. They also have more experience.
  • You fight boredom and loneliness. People who are always learning something new do not ever get bored. If you love music, have you considered playing a new instrument like the piano or violin? While developing these abilities, your attention is immersed in them. You would hardly feel bored or lonely. That is why psychologists advise bored people to adapt to new techniques, skills and knowledge.
  • You become more adaptable and flexible. Life is inevitable and dynamic. By exploring various skills at all times, you are gradually changing your mindset and perspective. I noticed that when I started finding out how to participate in the term paper writing service. When you adapt to changes you can survive in any situation. 
  • You improve your brain. People who constantly develop themselves to something new have recorded a lot of improvements in their cognitive skills and mental health. The myelin in the brain helps in the everyday activities of the body. The more you develop yourself into new skills, the denser the myelin in your brain system becomes. This helps your mental health. 

In this guide, you learn further the mental health benefits of learning a new skill

Learning something new and your mental health

Why do you think doctors recommend adults always learn something new? It is because there is an improvement in mental well-being associated with learning something new. For one, it can slow ageing. My daughter was schizophrenic, and the doctor told her always to be active in learning new things. It was a challenge for her, but I noticed a lot of improvement in her outlook on life. 

So, here are some mental health benefits of learning something new regularly.

  • Your brain health and memory will improve. Scientists have discovered that the brain can keep growing and changing. It forms new connections each time we learn something new, and neurologists call this neuroplasticity. This is more pronounced in seniors and young children. As a result, your memory and brain health will improve with each new connection formed. Improving brain health and memory through acquiring new knowledge is like training a muscle. As you continue to use it more often, it gets stronger. Just as the muscles get stronger by lifting heavier weights when you have mastered one level, the brain’s memory also improves as you constantly learn new skills. The key word is consistency.  A key chemical in the brain that makes this possible is myelin. Myelin is an insulator in the brain’s wiring. Researchers have found that these are wrapped in myelin when the brain forms new connections. That is what makes brain and memory improvements possible.
  • You will have increased mental wellbeing and happiness. There is a connection between mental stability and finding meaning in life. People with a purpose in life have better mental health and are happier. It has been found from numerous studies that acquiring new skills like drawing techniques, programming and developing a hobby has improved the mental wellbeing of several adults. Lonely and bored people find meaning in learning new skills in life. Also, learning something new can help to relieve stress. Continued stress can lead to depression or anxiety. But when one is engaged in learning new ideas, it improves one’s mental wellbeing and health by distracting the individual from concentrating on stressful situations.
  • Your social connectivity improves. When you develop a new skill, you are sharpening your social skills. Communicating effectively with others is a crucial ingredient in better mental health. Research has found that when one practices good communication, it can help speed up mental health recovery. Conversely, poor communication can hinder one’s mental health and can lead to distress. Older people who regularly take online courses to learn something new have found that it allows them to communicate with others and improve their social connections. It also helps them get out of their comfort zone, which is part of having better mental health. 
  • It increases your confidence. Learning benefits of trying new things is it helps to increase your confidence in your mental wellbeing. Confident people regularly make decisions ideal for their physical and mental health. For example, they are likely to choose healthier foods. Confident people also have a better outlook on life, which is key to better mental health and improved emotional well-being.


We have now understood the idea behind learning something new, mainly the boost it gives to your mental stability. What new skill will you learn today? Engaging in the term paper writing service gave me a new responsibility and more happiness. Some goals you could pursue are learning how to play the piano or signing up at a college near you to learn a new skill like dancing or singing, psychology, or even languages. If you like being active, you could participate in sports like athletics or swimming. 

No matter what you decide, always remember you are giving yourself better mental health, more happiness in life, and developing your self-confidence.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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