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Mental Health Awareness Is Becoming Increasingly Important Among Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs aren’t immune to mental health challenges. In fact, many entrepreneurs are all too keenly aware of their vulnerability to mental health risks. In a study conducted by UC Berkeley in 2015, 72% of entrepreneurs self-reported that they were experiencing mental health challenges. No doubt this number has risen since the start of the pandemic. Fortunately, people are finally starting to pay attention, and over the past two years we’ve seen a much needed public shift  in attention towards mental healthcare.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and what better time to shed some light on the entrepreneurs who are going to great lengths to destigmatize mental health?

Here are a few entrepreneurs who are going above and beyond to disrupt the status quo and promote mental wellbeing for themselves and others. 

Blue Ocean Life, founded by Michael Coughlin in 2018 

Launched in 2018, The Blue Ocean Life apparel company is a mission driven brand that supports mental health causes. The brand is deeply rooted in spiritual wellness and encourages others to have conversations around mental health and use the ocean and other holistic lifestyle changes as natural ways to improve their wellbeing. True to their mission, the brand even has a wellness and mental health blog.  

Founder Michael Coughlin offers this mental health advice to entrepreneurs: ‘Business owners and entrepreneurs should learn about and adopt healthy, holistic practices. They should also learn which behaviours, business decisions, and influences are toxic in nature and avoid them. Most importantly, entrepreneurs need to recognise the signs of burnout to avoid a potentially serious and even dangerous mental health crisis.’

BetterUp, founded in 2013

This coaching and mental health startup offers the perfect blend of business leadership and mental health. It was founded in 2013 and is best known for its online executive coaching, live group sessions, and other wellness resources to improve professional leadership and mental health.  The company serves both large enterprise-level companies and startups, and Prince Harry sits on the board of directors. 

Brightline, founded in 2020

This California-based mental health platform made it a mission to address some of the mental health challenges and isolation faced by teens and youth during the pandemic. 

According to an article in Inc Magazine: ‘Brightline connects patients with therapists, coaches, and psychiatrists. It also provides on-demand chat and speech therapy.’

When it comes to  success, modern entrepreneurs and consumers alike want more than just a transactional exchange. It’s not just about the money anymore, and focusing solely on financial gain could come at a price to your physical, mental and emotional well being. These entrepreneurs learned the secret to success in life and business;  finding a purpose that drives you, connecting with yourself and others, and staying mentally healthy.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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