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25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Mental Health and Well-being for Christmas 2020

Dennis Relojo-Howell

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Christmas is just around the corner. And we’re all getting exciting excited, but the festive period is an extremely busy time of year for everyone, especially when it comes to preparing presents for everyone. So to make things a bit easier for you, I suggest you start wrapping up presents for your loved ones as early as now.

If you’re needing inspiration, here are my top 25 picks for mental health and well-being gift ideas this Christmas.

1. Planthaya’s products

Someone on your list who could do with a little help to relax? Someone who needs a helping hand to sleep? Gym lover? Meditation fanatic or yoga enthusiast? Then CBD is the gift for you, with it’s calming and relaxing effects for your mind and body, it can help to create tranquillity in those stressful situations, get a restful night’s sleep, revive those aching muscles and enhance yoga and meditation practice.

Created with love and a mission to make CBD easy to choose and simple to use, Planthaya’s products are the highest quality from seed to bottle. Harmony Starter kit includes Balance drops, Boost Capsules & Soothe balm gorgeously packed and ready forgiving.

2. Personalised champagne

If you are looking for an instant pick me up and something to bring a smile to your face, then personalised champagne is the great new way to do this.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be an anniversary, birthday or wedding, a bottle of bubbly personalised around the day is the best way to dazzle and delight. Each design is unique and with a family procured champagne available you can be sure that the lucky recipient will love your gift. 

3. Steel tumblers

To avoid Santa’s naughty list this Christmas, why not gift a present that is not only good for you but good for the environment? Green Steel’s high-quality stainless steel tumblers are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bottles and suitable for the whole family.

Each insulated tumbler with straw is available in a range of colours and has thermal insulation technology so they can store anything from water, coffee, soups, smoothies, even cocktails. They also come with a vacuum-sealed, spill-resistant lid which preserves the vibrancy and vitamin content in your food and drink, as well as a sweat-free, powder-coated exterior which will keep your libation firmly in your hand and prevent drippy condensation forming on the outside.

4. StoryTerrace Personal memoir

Christmas is the perfect time to share stories and memories with your family. Why not show them how much you care with a truly unique gift: their own autobiography, ghostwritten by StoryTerrace.

Their professional ghostwriters have helped thousands of people to capture their life stories in beautiful bespoke books. Learn how they create your StoryTerrace book in a few simple steps –  from getting matched with a writer, to receiving your beautifully bound biography, life story or memoir. See how it works in this video.

Contact the team today, to find out how you can give the gift of a lifetime to your loved ones.     

5. Books

Books are a safe choice for presents; that’s because books are personal –  they show you care enough to pick something specific. For instance, Let’s Talk About Behaviour, explores the latest research trends and perspectives within this niche, but to reveal a nuanced understanding of the intersecting fields within psychology, mental health, and well-being. It is hoped that this book will further stimulate a greater understanding and appreciation of mental health. 

6. Tea

According to Nature: ‘Researchers are discovering how the ingredients in a cup of tea can lift mood, improve focus and perhaps even ward off depression and dementia. The traditional calming effects of the plant Camellia sinensis have elevated the drink, which is produced from its leaves to a role beyond quenching thirst.’

Teapro, one of the UK’s leading tea subscription companies, offers themed tea boxes, containing premium loose leaf tea, teaware and tea education, which could be an ideal Christmas present for anyone who enjoys a good cuppa.

7. Accessory brands

House of Wonderland offers a range of trend, happy, illustrated goodies including enamel pins, nail transfers, tote bags and more! Run by a husband and wife team of two with a passion for on-trend, design-led, magical products. Some of their items are limited edition and guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipient.  

8. Tickets to mental health or well-being events

There are many mental health and well-being events that you can find on Eventbrite. Give the gift of experience and learning to your friends and family by paying for an event they’d be interested to come. It can be a film, workshop, conference, or a fundraising event. 

9. Self-care items

A good book, a cup of soothing tea, and a hot bath. Sounds like perfection, right? Self-care is essential to our happiness.

RugBuddy, an under-rug heater, is a perfect and thoughtful gift. It’s a bit like an electric blanket you lay on the floor and cover with a rug. The warmth is transmitted to the surface of the rug and you get localised floor heating. It is safe, silent, and healthy. And, I would add, calming.

10. Photography and arts

Photography has been scientifically proven via numerous studies to help improve mental health by emphasising positive life experiences and reducing the stress hormone cortisol. This reduces the feelings of anxiety, elevates your mood and helps improve your sleep.

Paul David Smith is a professional photographer offering a range of photography-related gift experiences developed to improve your photography skills and help take your photos to the next level.

11. Vegetarian sheepskin rugs and throws

These woolly creations have a felted back which will appeal to those who want a wool product that doesn’t involve using animal skin. These ‘Viking-looking’ long-tog woolly rugs uses wool from pet sheep and from the annual clip of different breeds of other Scottish sheep.

To use on chair backs and for toe warming feel-good ‘snuggle’ moments these Ecohuman sheep’s wool products can be made to order and come with their own quirky tale of how each item was created which creates an ‘invested’ connection to the animal and the process involved in producing and caring for these bespoke pieces. 

12. Daily mindfulness tools

Sea Soul Blessings are a little box of mindful inspiration for sea-lovers. Developed by sea swimmer and life coach, Pippa Best, they capture the wisdom of the sea in inspirational cards and a tiny guidebook.

Awakening your ‘blue mind’ when you’re far from the water, this little box of sea can be a powerful tool for managing stress. The simple practice of drawing a card can be as rejuvenating as a trip to the sea – bringing calm, greater self-compassion and a clearer focus. And as the sea helps you shift your negative thought patterns and make positive changes in your life, your purchase allows Sea Soul Blessings to donate funds to projects that protect our seas. 

13. Scented candles

This vintage-inspired cut glass jar from Olivetreehome houses a vegan-friendly scented candle. Made from pure soy wax flakes, paraben- and phthalate-free fragrance oils. Each candle has been hand-poured in small batches, to ensure you receive the luxurious scent you deserve.

Take time out for yourself, whether that be a walk in the fresh air, Time away from work with family and friends, or simply a luxurious hot bath, good book, and of course, that all-important scented candle. A good night’s sleep is also so important to your mental and physical state of mind. 

14. Well-being box

The Sunshine Box promotes decluttering and detoxing the mind as a means of positive wellness and self-care. It is full of products and exercises that can help with mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing.

The box comes with a user guide. There are two exercises – a great 7-day mental detox; plus a gorgeous floral cleansing mediation – grab some flowers from your garden, or from the shop and have a go. There is also information about using the Aventurine crystal in the box. 

15. Cattitude box

It’s not only human who need self-care; every cat deserves love and attention. Anyone who is crazy about cats will love Cattitude box – a monthly subscription box that has been created for the health and happiness of cat ladies and their cats. Hand-picked, top quality food treats and toys for the cats as well as unique, quirky cat-themed gifts and treats for the cat ladies! Each monthly box contains six to eight products that are split between cat and owners. While plans are automatically renewed to make things easy, they can be cancelled at any time.

16. Scalp elixir

Hair loss isn’t just a cosmetic issue –  it can affect people’s mental health and well-being. The Scalp Elixir by Hairguard is what more and more people are using as a natural, topical way to get back their healthy hair. It comes with a precision applicator so the Elixir can easily be applied to thinning/receding areas of the scalp. Encourages hair by blocking DHT and increasing blood flow. 

More to follow

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