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Men’s Radio Station Launches on 6th January

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January 2019 sees the launch of a new online radio station created for men only – Men’s Radio Station. Before you think this article was written in 1958 and went into your spam box, which had yet to be invented, here are a few facts.

In 2018, Women’s Radio Station was launched in London. It was an immediate success, attracting global audiences and advertisers alike.

Also this year, broadcaster and writer, Russ Kane, founded ‘The Espresso Bar’, a Facebook group for 40+ year-old men. Now over 1700 members interact in the safety of this closed group discussing openly and frankly the issues that are affecting them deeply.

Men’s Radio Station will cover a range of issues affecting men.

Russ Kane and his radio business partner Howard Jameson, have created the logical extension to fill a need in the marketplace – Men’s Radio Station broadcasting live every Sunday afternoon from 12 noon to 6pm from a dedicated studio in Central London.

Men’s Radio Station will cover subjects ranging from health, notably prostate cancer, mental health, relationships, caring for parents with dementia, finding work after 50, depression, estrangement, children and, overarchingly, what it is to be a man in 2019.

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Exchange information, share knowledge and seek opinions in open and honest discussions, no-holds barred, and being live – anything can, and probably will, happen. Central to the station’s core will be the phone-ins to interact, to put questions to the team of fully-qualified, licensed experts, and maybe even to seek reassurance. The key is, no matter your circumstances, you are not alone. These will be issues and topics of what really matters, and affects, men.

Sony Award winning broadcaster Russ Kane will bring to Men’s Radio Station his skills honed over 34 years behind the mic. Currently Russ hosts a weekly, hour-long news review on BBC Radio London and for 20 years was famously the voice of Capital Radio’s ‘Flying Eye’, forming an on-air partnership with Chris Tarrant creating the most listened-to commercial radio show in the world, with an audience in excess of 4 million.

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