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Men’s Health Clinic Numan Launches Controversial Penis Nickname Ad

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Numan, the online health clinic for men, has launched a bold new advertisement to encourage men to do something about erectile dysfunction. The humorous 30-second clip, entitled ‘Call It What You Want’ is an ode to the weird and wonderful nicknames men call their penises.

Throughout the daring advert, commonly-known penis nicknames such as ‘Pecker’ and ‘Wiener’ flash up on the screen interposed with more obscure names like ‘Bratwurst’, ‘Pintle’, and ‘Wilfred’. The advert finishes with the rallying line: ‘Call it what you want, but when it stops working, make the right call,’ followed by Numan’s straight-talking slogan: ‘Do something about erectile dysfunction.’

The advert, which has already made waves upon its release, is intended to normalise issues around erectile dysfunction and inspire men to take action. Since 2019, over 300,000 customers have taken action with Numan so far.

Recent studies conducted by Numan show that 66% of men in the UK have experienced erectile dysfunction with nearly 20% of men avoiding sex altogether due to the issue. Despite the staggering number of ED sufferers in the UK, the majority of men will not take steps to combat the problem, with only 42% of men actively seeking help. Men with erectile dysfunction are also more likely to suffer from mental health issues, with 79% of the men surveyed reporting high levels of anxiety.

Numan’s Lead GP, Dr Luke Pratsides, says: ‘We are now in our third lockdown and it is undoubtedly taking a toll on our mental health. Low mood and anxiety can manifest themselves in many different ways, from subtle signs of worry to a general lack of motivation. There can also be physical signs too and we know low mood and anxiety are strongly linked to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can strain relationships and add another stress to an already trying period of lockdown when social restrictions mean intimacy is more valuable than ever. We hope that the TV ads provoke men into taking action and making the first move towards finding the solution for their health problems.’

The advert has already sparked avid conversation from social media users, with one user hailing the ad as ‘an astounding piece of advertising.’

Numan’s Founder and CEO, Sokratis Papafloratos, says: ‘At Numan, we do whatever it takes to make sure men do something about the things they aren’t currently doing anything about. We hope the advert will get people talking in order to raise awareness and help destigmatise an issue that many men find embarrassing or shameful.’

The ad will appear across TV, video on demand, online, and social from January, along with an additional advert which depicts the emotional journey of erectile dysfunction.

The new adverts coincide with Numan’s rebrand which will encompass a new website, revamped product packaging and an updated brand logo, conceived by Numan’s design team.

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