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Menopause: How Effective Is the Use of Collagen?

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Could collagen help 13 million menopausal women? Within the UK, there are 13 million women currently experiencing symptoms of menopause. ​ This is 1/3 of the female population in the UK.

The symptoms of menopause range from mild to severe and affect the entire body – including the skin and joints.

Collagen is the main structural protein within the skin that keeps it strong and firm. Post-menopause a decrease in estrogen is linked with a dramatic drop in collagen content.

Collagen drops at a rate of 2% per year, and it is estimated that the overall collagen can decrease as much as 30% in the first five years of menopause. This dramatic change reduces skin elasticity, causing wrinkles and sagging. In addition, the skin starts to become thin.

​New advances in cosmeceutical and nutraceutical skincare can stimulate the production of collagen from cells called fibroblasts. This preserves collagen and reduces wrinkling and joint stiffness.

Skincare experts have identified an extremely effective and clinically proven solution: Totally Derma. ​

Totally Derma is the only collagen nutraceutical on the market that includes multiple types of collagen peptides to benefits not only the skin, but the joints, the gut, and menopausal symptoms.

Totally Derma: Management of the ageing process

The ageing process is complex. ​ It involves a series of changes in the skin and body that leads to the breakdown of key tissues and cellular processes.

Totally Derma has developed a clinically proven and highly bioavailable nutraceutical drink that boosts the rejuvenation of the skin and body. The formulation features a broad spectrum of patented, pharmaceutical-grade, bioactive collagen peptides (types I, II, and III) with low molecular weight for optimum efficacy. ​

These peptides stimulate the regeneration of the collagen structures and GAGs of the skin and joints, while also improving symptoms of leaky gut and menopause. The formulation also includes highly bio-available hyaluronic acid and an anti-oxidant blend.

A clinical trial study of Totally Derma shows exceptional bioavailability and improvements in wrinkles such as crow’s feet and nasolabial folds. Skin biopsy shows increased collagen, elastin, and GAG content.

Did you know?

The skincare industry is one in which the price of a product does not reflect its quality. ​For example, we did a survey and found out that you can buy peptides online from GenX and get the highest quality chemical at the lowest price. You might pay a lot more for the same at other offline markets.

As scientific knowledge and innovation progress, genuine scientific expertise is essential to give a full understanding and analysis of skincare products to ensure their performance matches their claims. ​

Dermoi’s primary commitment is to provide a skincare platform in which every offer is selected and endorsed by in-house scientists for long-term skin health and wellness.

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