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One-Day MenPowerment Transformational Masterclass


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he MenPowerment Academy presents: 1 Day Transformational Masterclass
Can you relate to any of these?
  • Are you facing an obstacle or brick wall you struggle to get past?
  • Losing your motivation to go on and looking for a fresh start?
  • Living your life stuck on autopilot with a robotic existence from paycheck to party?
  • Scared by your own vulnerability?
  • Lost in regrets and mistakes that weigh you down?
  • Constantly let down, rejected, or taken for granted by those around you?
  • Sitting on a dream, with hopes and visions that seem so far out of reach?

Then sign up to this unique, revolutionary one-day masterclass and you will: 
  • Analyse and discover your strengths and blind spots in a safe, non-judgemental environment;
  • Learn the three biggest psychological blockers to being at your best;
  • Channel repressed emotions and transmute them to achieve your ambitions;
  • Experience an environment where you can bring your whole self, heal and leave with your unchained self;
  • Uncover your core purpose and values and align these with your most important life decisions;
  • Be a part of a community of trusted men, while receive real time mentoring and coaching;
  • Unlock inner strength and courage though experiential exercises proven with thousands of leaders across the corporate and professional world;
  • Be challenged with fierce kindness – to cut through your excuses and fears

Join us on this unique, powerful, transformational one-day masterclass to get effective first-hand coaching and learn hands-on tools and strategies to make breakthroughs in these and other key areas – delivered with precision, compassion, clarity and heart.

Meanwhile, check out our free webinar replay here. Book your tickets here

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