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Meme Is the New Mode of Communication

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The world is evolving very fast. With the introduction of the web, communication through emails became a regular occurrence for those who had access to the internet. And now, we have come a long way from only sharing emails. As smartphones made their emergence into everyone’s life, sharing text messages is a thing of the past already. Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and various other social media platforms are ruling our digital lives. 

When you had to text within limits

In the early 2000s, if you were one of those who had been fortunate enough to possess a cell phone, then you would remember that there was a limit for sending text messages. Your writing had to be brief and to the point (more like a better version of a telegram). So, communication was not that easy. And if you, by chance, ended up exhausting your message limit, you had to wait till midnight for the renewal of the day’s allowance. But that was in some way fun too.

The emergence of instant messaging apps

WhatsApp and Snapchat changed the scenario of texting. As there was no specific cap on the number of messages, communicating with people became convenient. Images, videos, voice messages – all were transferred within seconds. It made the world come closer no matter how physically far people were from each other. The world also learned to use emojis

What’s next?

When the initial craze of these apps died off, people did not have much to share with their friends or colleagues as they were already updated about their status. To keep them entertained (but not wanting to invest a lot of time for the same), memes came into existence. If the beginners want to have a clear idea as to what they are, you can visit Meme Scout

Memes are satirical tools that are posted on social media platforms for the whole world to see. They cover anything and everything. Some may deal with serious issues, while some may be trivial. But the main idea behind the circulation of memes is to share thoughts and ideas with a bit of humour. They became one of the favourite things for people to post on their social platforms. And gradually, memes entered our daily lives and started influencing the social, cultural, and even political spheres. Subconsciously they became a mode of communication for us because – 

  • They are fun. Everyone wants to have a good laugh now and then. Anyone’s day can brighten up with a silly GIF or a motivational meme. 
  • They are dynamic. You get to access or make memes in various ways like through pictures, videos, texts, GIFs, or audio clips. This dynamic feature makes it stand out among all the posts on anyone’s social platform.
  • Easily relatable. Sometimes you feel lonely and try to seclude yourself from the outside world. But if you come across a meme that echoes your thoughts and mindset, it gives you relief knowing that you are not the only one suffering from loneliness. You can relate to such emotions, and that can make you feel good.
  • Flexible in nature. You can make a meme on any subject under the earth. Imagination is your limit. Its adaptability and flexibility have made it so popular among people.
  • Have brought together many similar-minded persons. Many memes depict current events or portray some of our favourite pop culture moments. Such shared experiences help to unite us and bring the same-minded people closer.

Final thoughts

So, that’s why meme has become so ingrained in our everyday communication. 

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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