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Mellow Flow App Review: Can It Improve Your Mental Health?

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Everyone may benefit from a productivity boost, whether they are constantly overscheduled and overwhelmed or find that their 10-minute Instagram breaks turn into two-hour social media sessions.

Most people struggle with it; it prevents you from leading fruitful, whole lives. It is challenging to resist distractions. It is why you are here, searching for an app to get control of your tempting distractions and learn how to overcome procrastination.

If you’re looking for the best application to help you overcome laziness and procrastination, this article is for you. Mellow Flow app is designed for every human being who struggles with anxiety of leaving things for the last minute. Whether they are searching for how to overcome procrastination as a student or how to overcome ADHD procrastination, Mellow Flow is the answer.

What is the Mellow Flow app?

A highly skilled research team designed the Mellow Flow app to help people break their procrastination cycles, catering to those demotivated in their daily lives to carry out routine tasks as well as to individuals with ADHD looking for ways to overcome procrastination. Mellow Flow app helps people in achieving their life goals and motivating them to have a better tomorrow with scientifically designed CBT-based exercises.

CBT exercises offer a clear method of comprehending difficult circumstances and their problematic responses. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are the three primary factors that cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on as being related to mental health issues, for example procrastination. It becomes obvious where and how to step in when a problem emerges by breaking challenging emotions into these fundamental components.

Pros and cons of the Mellow Flow app



Personalised learning plans created by specialistsVideo or audio versions of lessons are not available.
Daily learning lessons based on CBT methodsThere are limited activities.
Mental exercises worksheetsUp-front lesson plan only if you sign up and pay
Daily to-do lists
Constant help on the way
A risk-free guarantee permits cancellation at any time
Free trial version for seven days. If, during those 7 days, you would like to get a refund, they will issue the refund.
Three subscription plans to choose from
You can always resume your lessons.


How to sign up for the Mellow Flow app?

Mellow Flow promises to provide its clients with the best anti-procrastination methods to love their life to the fullest. You may be wondering, “How do I make myself better with Mellow Flow app’s help?” 

To sign up for the Mellow Flow app, complete the introductory quiz by selecting your gender first. The quiz-answer-plan will help them evaluate your signs and level of procrastination, and so they will provide you with a plan solely for you.

Regardless, even if your score is 100%, Mellow Flow App’s team will help and show you how to overcome anxiety procrastination. For your understanding, they have listed down some questions from the quiz to give you an example; most are based on how often you procrastinate, your daily habits, what you are willing to overcome, etc.

  • How often do you put things to the last minute?
  • Do you need help to make decisions promptly?
  • Do you get distracted easily by your surroundings?
  • What are the reasons you put your things off until the last minute?
  • For how long you’ve been procrastinating?

The survey consists of 10–15 questions; after you have completed it, they will provide you with your lesson plan.

Mellow Flow provides strategies to assist people in altering their patterns of behaviour from the inside out for long-lasting effects, working with psychologists, coaches, and behavioural specialists.

Who can use the Mellow Flow app?

  • Procrastinators
  • ADHD focused
  • Students
  • People who need help with time management
  • Individuals with anxiety and depression
  • People with low frustration tolerance
  • Individuals who get distracted easily and lack focus

How much does the Mellow Flow app cost?

When you submit the initial survey, you are directed to a page where the app designs a lesson plan to help you overcome procrastination.

By giving them your email address, one of their representatives will drop your plan into your inbox. By doing this, you can also unlock offers and save some money. 

Mellow Flow app allows you to take free lesson plans for seven days; after that, they might charge you $1 per day. As everyone has a different plan of action, it is up to the client how many days they get free from procrastination.

Or you can choose to have a subscription-based on one-month, three months, etc.

Refer to the table below.



1 month$3 per day
3 months$1.47 per day
6 months$0.49 per day

How do I cancel my Mellow Flow subscription?

Mellow Flow allows its subscribers to cancel their subscriptions any time they want. They generally don’t offer refunds, but if a customer is not getting their desired results and not feeling any better, they might be in for a full money-back guarantee.

Customers have 11 days from the initial purchase to email them at hello@mellowflow.app to get a refund and cancel their subscription. Customers must explain why they think the plan was unsuccessful and offer proof that they adhered to its guidelines for at least seven days (by submitting completed courses). 

The customer service team will analyse the request within one to three business days and decide. Processing the refund may take 5 to 10 business days if granted. Not all plans are covered by this assurance, and certain plans can be exempted.

Customer feedback

  • Mike J.The app helped me overcome procrastination and it really serves the purpose. The sign up process is pretty simple too. I highly recommend it.”
  • Amanda R. “Easy-to-use and it helped me deal with my procrastination, which was a huge challenge for me. The app helps me organise my daily tasks more efficiently.”
  • Jason W. “The Mellow Flow app works wonders for someone who gets distracted easily, and has a habit of procrastinating. It really helped me complete my tasks ahead of time.”

Jeffrey Grant, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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