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MedShr Launched New Mindfulness Course for Medics

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Mindfulness expert and TEDx speaker Dr Reena Kotecha has launched her “Mindful in Healthcare” course on MedShr, the global platform for doctors. Designed to help doctors and healthcare professionals manage their stress and boost their well-being, the self-paced online course is now available to doctors in every country and clinical specialty. Its launch comes at a time when healthcare professionals are facing extreme work pressures and working in highly stressful environments on a daily basis, with many choosing to leave the NHS as a result.

Delivered through a combination of on-demand lectures and exercises, themes include using mindfulness to reduce stress and effectively manage challenges in healthcare, how to minimise the effects of sleep disruption on wellbeing and performance, and strengthening relationships at work and at home through psychological safety, mindfulness, empathy and compassion practices. The course also invites doctors to reflect on their unique challenges and wellbeing strategies in a private group on the platform.

Speaking of the importance of a well=being course for doctors, Dr Kotecha said: The NHS has been identified as having higher than average stress-related sickness absence, compared against all job sectors across the country. Stress, anxiety, and other psychiatric illnesses, is consistently the most reported reason for sickness absence in the NHS, accounting for over 476,000 FTE days lost.

“After struggling with my mental health & burnout while working on the frontline as a hospital doctor nearly a decade ago, I learned the hard way, that ‘healthcare starts with self care’. In order to provide effective patient care, staff wellbeing must be prioritised.”

Highlighting the importance of the course for clinicians, MedShr Founder and CEO, Asif Qasim, said: “Doctors everywhere are under pressure, and across the MedShr network increasingly stress and burnout are having a major impact. Whether they are junior doctors or seasoned consultants, many find themselves in high pressure, high stakes environments where they often feel ill-equipped to look after their own wellbeing while also providing the best care for their patients. Recently we’ve seen much greater demand from doctors for content and courses to help them achieve better work-life balance, improve their performance at work, develop resilience and guide their teams through challenging times. Dr Reena’s course is a fantastic starting point for that journey and we are delighted to be offering the course at a global scale.”

MedShr is a secure, professional app and network for medical professionals to connect and learn through case discussion. Over 2.5 million doctors and HCPs use MedShr to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. The platform’s innovative educational approach puts focus on the application of insights from the latest scientific publications in real-world scenarios. Developed by doctors, for doctors, it speaks to specialists in their language, fostering learning and discussion about the specifics of clinical decision-making and management.

Dr Reena Kotecha is a medical physician trained at Imperial College London, UK, where she specialised in neuroscience and mental well-being research. Having spent the early part of her career in the National Health Service as a hospital doctor Reena experienced burnout, work related stress, anxiety, depression while serving on the frontline. Two weeks off-sick turned into two years. In those two years she discovered mindfulness and self-compassion practice through which her well-being started to improve. This fuelled her curiosity and expanded her focus onto evidence-based approaches that enhance staff health and wellbeing on a personal level, along with productivity, performance and engagement on a professional level. Dr Reena Kotecha is also TEDx and public speaker, former international advisory board member at Headspace health and professional stakeholder in mindfulness research at University of Cambridge. 

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