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Medium Length Hairstyles You Should Wear This Season

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Medium hair is neither short nor long and looks good on most women of all ages. The problem with this type of hair is choosing medium length hairstyles that look great on you and that will suit the event you want to attend.

We understand it is easy to run out of ideas. That is why we have this list of great medium length hairstyles you can wear on different occasions. We hope you will find some inspiration in this compilation.

Perfect layers for thin hair

If your hair is fine or thin, this style will make it look thicker and there is no reason to look further into other medium length hairstyles. Soft curls are added to accent your blonde. More layers mean a fuller look hence an appealing style ideal for most occasions both casual and formal.

An angled bob

It is a great medium-length hairstyle for women with medium-length hair and would love to keep a bob without trimming their hair. It creates a sophisticated, yet elegant look to the wearer. This is a great look to opt for if you are looking for something unique and easy to maintain.

Wavy locks

Wavy locks are not limited to any time of the year. You can wear them during any season to look youthful and fun-loving. A hair curler or straightener is used for creating this style.

Waves with bangs

It is ideal for women who love making a bold statement. Bangs create a cute and warm appearance while giving your hair an edgy and fun look. After working on those perfect bangs, curl the rest of your hair.

Medium choppy layers

Choppy layers make medium length hairstyles what they are; cool and classic. According to LoveHairStyles, this hairstyle looks perfect on dark-coloured hair. It is a sexy and easy-to-style hairstyle that women have fun while wearing. It can be worn at any time of the year and looks even better when more lived-in.

Asymmetrical bob with side bangs

If you have a round face and are wondering how to style your medium-length hair, you got a style here. Bangs are side-swept while the wavy bob provides the dimension. 

Ginger hair

This medium-length hairstyle is all about dying your hair ginger or red. You don’t have to sophisticate the style as you can keep it straight after dying or go ahead and add some waves for a more striking look. However, note that due to the vibrancy of this hairstyle, you would not want to dare it if you are not a daring type.

An inverted bob

Bobs are mostly preferred by women with short hair. But, it does not mean you cannot wear one on medium-length hair and rock. 

You can try going for an inverted bob with bangs. Instead of having your curls curling outwards, this one has them curl inside. You should try it and see!

French bob

If you want to make a dramatic appearance at a casual event, this is definitely the hairstyle you will want to wear. It has a messy finish and some strands are kept longer than others. A French bob is sure to give you a youthful and lively vibe.

Loose waves

You don’t have to visit a hairstylist to get this hairstyle. If you have a hair curler or straightener, you are good to go. After putting waves on your hair, use a small amount of hairspray to keep them in shape and glowing.

Layers and bangs

Women who have thick hair can try this hairstyle. It gives a bit of life to hair so that you don’t have to worry about how you look. Consider having longer layers and trying out bangs. 

A bold colour

Summer is the best time to show off your creativity. When it is time, try using bright yellow on your hair. It gives it a unique and glowing look. Instead of dying all your hair yellow, only dye the bottom half of it.

Retro glamour

It is a slightly messy bob that makes you look like a superstar. If you have fine hair, this is the style you should try as it adds some volume to your hair too.

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