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Medical Expert Shares 4 Major Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymphatic drainage is a popular treatment done by stars such as Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Aniston, but what is it? And what benefits does it have for the body?

With 20 years of plastic surgery experience, leading medical expert Daemon Dewing of Fine Form Aesthetics explains: “Whether you are looking to improve your gut health and stress levels or looking for recovery from a strict fitness regime, the lymphatic system is important to look after.

“The reason why is that it is now recognised that gut health is key to overall health. People have a sense of ‘trusting their gut instincts’. It goes deeper than that. There is exceptional genetic diversity in gut genetics. The gut has a rich lymphatic system that is key to immune health and the processing of cellular metabolism’s by-products. This complex web of channels connects all through the entire body but is concentrated in key areas, including the groin, gut, armpit region, and neck. When tumours spread from a given site, they can frequently travel in predictable sequences via lymphatic basins where there are concentrations of lymphatic glands – key regulatory points in the lymphatic web, essentially.

“At rest, your body is busy self-regulating. Cells need energy for cell function, whether a muscle cell, an organ cell, or a brain cell. As they consume energy, there are cellular by-products that must be expelled. This is where the lymphatic system comes in. A superfine, delicate web of channels that assist the expulsion of waste products into the veins and ultimately expel these various products by several means, including via the lungs as CO2 and water and via the kidneys.”

4 major benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

Even though it is trendy in Hollywood to enhance and sculpt the body, it is often used in recovery after liposuction procedures and other abdominal surgeries. There are several other benefits for the body’s health, which is why it is integral to maintaining a healthy system.

1. Gut health

A part of the lymphatic system is the “lacteal”, which is crucial to ensuring the fats we consume are correctly transported. Unlike other nutrients, fat is not water-soluble, leading to blood vessels and other sensitive areas of the gut clogging up.

A sluggish lymphatic system means that unhealthy fats can clog up our digestive system, leading to gut problems. Having regular lymphatic drainage can support a healthy gut by supporting the clearing of the lymphatic system.

2. Volume reduction by reducing water retention 

Some bodies begin to swell due to water retention; this may be due to hormonal imbalances, hot weather, chronic illness, surgery, or even standing up for too long. When the body swells from water retention, it is usually due to the lymphatic system being overwhelmed.

Lymphatic drainage can help reduce the excess water that causes the swelling, improve circulation, and reduce discomfort.

3. Cellulite reduction  

Even though up to 95% of women will experience cellulite in some form, for some, it can lead to a confidence slump.

Cellulite is formed when the subcutaneous fat layer suffers a buildup of toxins and the swollen fat cells protrude towards the skin layer, causing the ripple effect of cellulite. If the blood supply to the area of the lymphatic system is compromised, the buildup of fat and toxins can continue to increase.

Lymphatic drainage can also help improve appearance by increasing the blood and oxygen flow through the body’s system.

4. Fitness recovery

Muscles can often feel fatigued after rigorous workouts. For those who are regularly exercising, a lymphatic massage can help with a quicker recovery.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to recover your muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. With improved circulation, the body not only recovers quicker but it can also help improve stamina and performance.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system sits alongside the cardio-vascular system, which helps maintain

  • The immune system removes and destroys waste, debris, dead blood cells and other toxins

  • Removing excess fluid and waste products between cells and organs of the body

  • Absorbing fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system

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