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How Medical Alert Systems Can Improve Mental Health and Well-Being

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Political unrest, economical struggles, pandemic concerns – there is no question the current global environment is replete with stressful situations. If you’re like many people today, you may be seeking ways to reduce worry and anxiety during this highly charged time in history. 

The most common stress-inducing concerns revolve around physical health and well-being. While there are many ways to reduce worry about health-related concerns, it might feel overwhelming with so much instability in the world.  That’s why many people are starting to gain control over their own personal environment by exploring the benefits of medical alert systems in the home. Read further for insightful information about what a medical alert system is and how it can reinforce positive mental health.

What is a medical alert system?

A medical alert system offers monitoring in or outside the home to assure the well-being and safety of you or your loved ones.  Their main function is to alert emergency services such as ambulances, police or fire departments in case of an accident. Some medical alert systems may also be programmed to signal friends, family members, or caregivers in the event of a crisis. 

Medical alert systems notify first responders when a button is pressed during an emergency.  Some systems are exclusively for the home, which connects to a landline or cellular service.  For these in-home devices, a button is worn by the user in the home as a necklace, wristband, or belt.  When the button is pressed, a radio transmission pings a central unit which instantly contacts emergency services.  Many in-home devices provide a two-way speaker so the user and the emergency responder can communicate until help arrives.

The wearable type of medical alert system works with a cellular service, so the user can wear it outside the home, or anywhere they go.  These mobile alert systems are equipped with GPS, which allows first responders to locate the user in the event of an emergency. 

How medical alert systems can promote better mental health

The most common assumption about medical alert systems is that they are just for seniors or older people who live alone.  While it’s true, these devices are invaluable for elderly communities; medical alert systems have many other different uses.  Furthermore, alert systems are crucial for getting emergency help quickly, but their number one benefit is peace of mind. This can help you in choosing the right medical alert system.

Here are the different uses of medical alert systems, and how they can be essential for promoting better mental health:

  • Elderly applications. An alert system is a critical part of the safety and well-being of seniors.  It also helps to allay stress or fear because an alert system offers 24/7 monitoring.  According to the medical alert device reviews from Health.com, some devices offer fall-detection capability.  This is an extra level of protection that assists in identifying falls or accidents in the home.  While alert systems are effective safety precautions for the elderly – they also provide peace of mind.  Most seniors report they can rest easier knowing they have medical support at the press of a button when they need it.  Furthermore, a medical alert system is a great relief to caregivers and family members, as they say, these devices make them worry less about their loved ones.
  • Compromised health. If you or a loved one struggles with weak or compromised health, a medical alert system is a solution for relieving unnecessary stress about getting medical attention when needed.  People who suffer from certain health disorders may be more prone to emergency assistance than others. For instance, people with immune dysfunctions, heart disease, susceptibility to strokes, or other threatening health conditions can alert medical responders if their health worsens.  Furthermore, those who suffer from mental challenges such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may rely on medical alert systems for their constant monitoring capabilities.  Health.com’s medical alert reviews indicate that consumers say having an emergency device gives them great comfort in the event their condition takes a turn for the worse.
  • School and work. Going to school and work can be stressful on its own, but the risks of personal harm in public settings can also cause anxiety.  More now than ever, people are opting to use wearable alert systems while on the job or at school for personal protection.  People who work at jobs dealing with strangers such as real estate agents or taxi drivers claim that having a personal alert system gives them a sense of ease because they have instant access if an encounter with a customer goes wrong. Furthermore, college students feel safer on campus, especially at night, knowing they have help available at the press of a button. This additional level of protection for students and workers provides a sigh of relief in unsettling moments.
  • Family members. There are many instances in which an alert system promotes mental health because it is a safety measure that reduces worry about families.  For example, some parents are choosing to equip their children with alert systems in case they get into a dangerous situation – they have access to emergency resources.  Alternatively, adult children report that equipping their elderly parents with medical alert systems has greatly improved their sense of wellbeing for themselves, and their elders.

Is a Medical Alert device worth it?

While some may say getting a medical alert device might be a bit extreme, if you think about it, is it really?  What actions are you willing to take for peace of mind and knowing you and your loved ones have help when needed?  With so much unrest and unpredictability going on all over the world today, your best recourse is getting control over your own environment.  This is easily done with a medical alert system. After doing further research and reading Health.com’s alert system reviews, the merits and advantages of medical alert devices should become clear. At the end of the day, these life-saving devices can help you and your loved ones live with less stress and better mental health because you have the protection you all deserve.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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