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Maxwell Guttman, LCSW

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Maxwell Guttman is the owner of Mindful Living, a private mental health practice in New York City. Through his work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, therapist and disability rights advocate, Max fights for those without a voice in various New York City care systems. He received a “2020 Bearcats of the Last Decade 10 Under 10” award from the Binghamton University Alumni Association.

Guttman treats clients with anxiety and depression but specialises in issues related to psychosis or schizoaffective spectrum disorders. He frequently writes on his lived experiences with schizophrenia.

“I knew my illness was so complex that I’d need a professional understanding of its treatment to gain any real momentum in recovery,” Guttman says. “After undergraduate school and the onset of my illness, I evaluated different graduate programmes that could serve as a career and a mechanism to guide and direct my self-care. After experiencing the helping hand of my social worker and therapist right after my ‘break,’ I chose social work education because of its robust skill set and foundation of knowledge I needed to heal and help others.

“In a world of increasing tragedy, we should help people learn from our lived experiences. My experience brings humility, authenticity and candidness to my practice. People genuinely appreciate candidness when it comes to their health and recovery. Humility provides space for mistakes and appraisal of progress. I thank my lived experience for contributing to a more egalitarian therapeutic experience for my clients.

He writes daily for his blog, Mental Health Affairs. Max regularly writes articles relating to his lived experience with a mental health diagnosis. You can connect with him on Twitter @maxwellguttman.












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