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Sleep and Wellness Go Hand in Hand. Here’s How to Tell if Your Mattress Needs Replacing

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Mattresses are an important accessory in every home. It’s the single most important item when sleep is the subject matter. It’s impossible to have a good night’s rest without a solid mattress. Individuals who are still trying to find their feet in society usually prioritize buying a mattress over purchasing a bed.

Those who have money issues seldomly bother about purchasing bedsheets, all that is required to sleep averagely well, is a good and comfortable mattress. Lovers of picnics and sleep-overs also make use of the mattress to accommodate all those attending.

It’s very vital to get the right mattress as purchasing sub-standard ones can lead to pains and aches in most parts of the body. The untold truth is that the wrong mattress harms the body and this can, in the long run, lead to permanent issues that can deteriorate into diseases that require surgery.

The very popular question that most people ask is how to tell that it’s time to get a new mattress? This article lists out factors that can help in determining whether or not your mattress needs a replacement.

Original form

Although most durable mattresses tend to last for as long as ten years, users need to pay attention to the original form the mattress takes when no one is on it. Once an individual gets off the mattress, it should return to its original form. If this does not occur, then it means the mattress is already experiencing wear and tear and should be quickly replaced. For example, if you are using a memory foam mattress and it keeps your body’s impression long after you’ve gotten up, or if the body’s impression is deeper than two inches, you need to replace it right away. 

Own a bouncy mattress

The bouncy mattress is regularly found in children’s rooms because of its bouncy nature. Parents more often than not, are saddled with the responsibility of inspecting their wards mattress, all in a bid to discover when to purchase a new one. For such mattress type, the moment the bouncy effect is not functional, such mattress should be replaced.

Pregnant and uncomfortable?

Pregnancy is an interesting time, in the life of every woman. This is because the body undergoes changes and some of them are quite strange to the human body. Due to this, pregnant women need to get as many items that would ease the pain. A survey has shown that at least one pregnant woman googles the ‘How long should you keep a mattress?’ question daily. This is because of the pain and lack of comfortability their current mattress gives. It is very essential for women in this state to purchase a custom-made mattress that is made to provide comfort and support during this phase of life.


Once you start paying frequent visits to the hospitals to treat allergies and you notice that you wake up feeling stuffed or having funny nose reactions such as sneezing and snorting. It’s time to change that mattress and ensure the next one you’re purchasing is made of wool or latex. This helps reduce the chances of getting allergies from your mattress.

Too soft for comfort

Some individuals are lovers of soft mattresses and may be late to the party when it concerns discovering when a soft mattress expires. It’s important to pay special attention to this, as this implies that the individual might just be sleeping on the bed frame. Which is made of wood, such individuals are prone to regular aches and pain.

Sleeping disorders?

Sleeping disorders are sometimes heightened by sleeping on an expired mattress. People who have difficulty sleeping should in addition to their medication, try to purchase new firmer mattress. They should do proper research by first determining the appropriate mattress for their body shape and sleeping position before making an order.

Noticeable sag or constant body aches

Once your mattress has crossed the sagging line, it has stayed longer than the useful life envisaged by the manufacturer. This simply means it’s time for you to replace it before you subject your body to aches and pain. It might even become difficult for you to get quality sleep on the mattress. If you continuously experience aches and pain, most especially when you’re either on the mattress or when you just get out of bed. It’s time to go mattress shopping as a stitch in time saves nine.

A lot of people are constantly popping pain killers instead of tackling the proximate cause of their body pains and aches. It is important to change one’s mattress as soon as the value and satisfaction obtained from it have begun to decrease. Regardless of this fact, any mattress that has been in use for more than ten years ought to have been changed.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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