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Masturbation: Important Even in Relationships

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Nowadays, although everyone’s attitude towards sex is gradually becoming more open, there are still some people who have a bad attitude towards the behaviour of masturbation and think that it is harmful. In many movies or TV shows, when wives or girlfriends find out that their male partners are watching pornography or masturbating, they show great shock and disgust. Such expressions tend to make men feel ashamed when they masturbate and women become incapable of feeling masturbation in the right frame of mind. It gives people a bad attitude towards the act of masturbation, but this is a very wrong notion.

Masturbation, like sex, is a very natural and healthy aspect of human sexuality, and people should not be ashamed of it, nor is it a sign of unfaithfulness on the part of a partner. Everyone should look at masturbation in a healthy frame of mind, and masturbation is a great way to explore sexuality in a way that allows you to gradually learn more about your body, leading to a better sexual experience. If you want to get better masturbation, you are welcome to pick your favourite sex toys on the inyarose website.

Masturbation: embracing sexual freedom

Masturbation is a normal behaviour for everyone and your sexual desires, preferences and needs are very natural, Don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about it. Face your physical needs boldly, as it is part of our health. We are not born with shame about sex; it is often factors such as the education we have received or socio-cultural factors that have influenced us. If you are feeling shame and guilt about sexual matters, then it will be important to adjust your mindset in time, as these bad mindsets can affect your overall sexual health and thus impair your ability to perform sexually.

Many people slowly come to realise as adults that accepting their sexual orientation and desires is a very important part of physical, mental and sexual health. Not only do we need to realise this, but the support of our partners is just as important, and you and your partner need to be able to be tolerant and understanding of each other and encourage each other to be in the right frame of mind about your sexuality. If you find that you or your partner have the wrong ideas and mindset about masturbation, then you need to adjust and address these issues in a timely manner. If you feel a lack of stimulation while masturbating, you can add to the excitement with this clitoral stimulation toy from rose toy. This rose-shaped clitoral suck toy is very popular on tiktok and is currently on sale, feel free to check it out.

Your sexual autonomy matters

You need to realise that your libido and your partner’s libido are different and independent of each other. Libido is not the same as sexuality, which can be honed to match each other better when having sex or engaging in sexual activity, whereas each person’s libido is as unpredictable as the weather and is determined by a number of things, so it’s important to be aware of libido deviations.

Masturbation helps you to explore your body and gives you an idea of what things stir up your libido, as one tends to be in a relaxed and pleasurable state when masturbating. So that you will be better able to discover your body’s desires and sources of pleasure, and so that you can communicate more smoothly with your partner about each other’s feelings and preferences,.

Masturbation: a vital aspect of self-care

Masturbation is actually a very beneficial behaviour for sexual health; some people use it as a way to release their desires, others use it as a window to explore themselves, and regardless of the purpose of masturbation, it is an important form of self-care.

There’s no denying that masturbation can satisfy physical desires, and the way it does so provides you with the opportunity to have a conversation with your body, an intimate act that allows you to prioritise your own needs and desires, so that you and the other person can learn about each other’s desires and provide a certain amount of sexual health care.

Set your own boundaries

The activity of masturbation can allow you and your partner to better maintain your boundaries with each other, as everyone has different preferences for sex, and masturbation can help you to understand your own boundaries and preferences, allowing you to realise what you feel comfortable with and what you feel uncomfortable with.

If the habit of masturbation is having a negative impact on the sexual relationship or your sense of intimacy with your partner, it will be important to address these issues, and open communication can help you to deal with these challenges so that the relationship can find a balance and become stronger.

In the past, it was thought that women did not masturbate and that men would hide the fact that they did from their partners. This stereotypical influence is not true, and masturbation can enhance your well-being and sexual health by helping you become more aware of your body, which is beneficial because of the connection between partners.

Remember, it’s important to respect and understand both partners’ sexuality in any relationship and prioritise open communication and mutual understanding when it comes to issues so that both partners can have a good experience in their relationship.

David Radar, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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