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Master the Mystery of Human Nature: Interview with Scott Trettenero

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Following my interview with Dr David Sbarra, I have spoken to another author and researcher about his book: Master the Mystery of Human Nature. It has been an interesting interaction with Scott Trettenero on how we can better understand the intricacies of human nature

The title of your book is intriguing, to say the least. What is the book all about and how does it differ from other books on human nature?

The book has two sections to it. The first half explores how people are different and the conflicting values that shape our temperaments. I have used the work of Dr Robert Quinn from the University of Michigan School of Business, and the temperament models of the social styles and the Myers-Briggs. Using these models, I have created a unique template that better describes and defines how the different types are perfectly distributed, aligned, and positioned for the big picture of humanity.

Once you see it, you will be amazed by how beautifully crafted our earthly experience truly is. By seeing where you fit in the overall scheme, it can help you to understand yourself and others as never before. This will help to develop an appreciation, tolerance, and compassion for those who are different from you, especially those who are in conflict with you. The second half explores the final frontier of mastering oneself and that is recognising how our ego controls our actions. By uncovering the nature of the ego, one can begin to intentionally rise above its control and create a more harmonious and productive life.  A real bonus is that the book is easy to read and is in layman’s terms.

What made you decide to write this book?

I was part of a research project concerning the quality of service in dentistry and was exposed to a model of business by Dr Quinn called the Competing Values Framework, which stated that in order for a business to be successful, it must juggle opposite and competing values simultaneously. At the time I was very interested in temperament studies because of self-discovery and a need to understand my wife, who was my total opposite in every way. I saw that the Competing Values Framework was very similar in nature to the four quadrants of the Social Styles Model of Temperaments. I then saw a lack of continuity between the social styles and the Myers-Briggs models. It took off from there as I was rather consumed with trying to figure it all out.

What are the benefits that the book can provide to the reader?

You will get a precise understanding of the root causes of human conflict that is universal to us all. This is huge in how we perceive the world and how it works (or doesn’t work). You will get an accurate understanding of self, which is the launching point for higher levels of awareness. Your understanding of others will be greatly enhanced. This will allow for deeper and more harmonious relationships in all aspects of your life. You will understand what some refer to as enlightenment with a new appreciation of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

What are your goals for this book?

As any author would like, I would love to have commercial success for a number of reasons. First of all, it would help so many people in so many ways. There are some unique tools discussed that will help people to understand self, others, and life as never before. It would be a wonderful validation of the processes that went into writing it. I believe that my life has been set up for me to write this book. Of course, it could just be my ego talking. I am excited to hear what others have to say about my book and, ultimately, I would love to hear people tell me that it helped them personally.

Final thoughts

Marketing a book of any kind is an enormous undertaking. I appreciate your help and allowing me to have a platform to help spread my word. I hope Psychreg readers like my book. Also, you can engage with me on Twitter @ScottTrettenero. Thank you so much!

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