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Can Massage Guns Help in Muscle Growth

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Massage gun is the most helpful invention for the massage lovers. It is not just a good muscle massager but also gives growth to your muscles. If you love having massage, and you have to go daily or two or three times in a week to massage centre, and you get tired of going again and again, then this invention is for you. You don’t have to hassle now. Just sit in your house at comfortable place and do massage by yourself. Muscle massager is obviously one time investment for years. You don’t have to pay to you therapist a heavy amount now. 

Massage gun offer the same result as deep tissue massage. You can get it done by yourself in a few minutes. This is the beauty of this invention. People demand for the massage gun is increasing day by day because of the benefits it is offering, from stress relief to tension between muscles, from blood circulation to normalise the blood pressure, from pampering yourself to better body health.

How massage gun helps in muscles growth? 

Many athletes use massage gun and foam rollers for any sports injury. They use it to recover muscle or muscle growth. This is called percussive massage. This massage improves muscles contraction and gives strengthening and lengthening of the muscles. If you are using massage gun regularly, it will give you stress relief and your body will be energised. To give body health and to release stress and tension between the muscles, is the main purpose of massage. 

Deep tissue massage helps in better blood circulation, which means your muscles will get better is terms of size and health. By improving circulation, your tissue cells helps in increasing tissue metabolism. By better blood circulation, the supply of nutrients in the body also improves. This means your muscles will grow more rapidly than before. 

For athletes, sports performance is really important. Through massage gun, the sports performance will also improve because massage provide the body energy and increase muscle power.

Too much of massage gun

I know you are feeling pampered by messaging but let me tell you, Too much of a good thing can lead you towards the bad feelings. If you see redness of muscles then stop massaging in that part. It means the blood circulation there is much higher than you want. Start massaging to another body part. If you keep on massaging that area, your skin will get stuffed, and you will get bruises on that area. Don’t hold the gun in the same area for few minutes. Try moving it continuously. Don’t press the gun too hard on the skin. Be gentle with the gun and with your body also. 

Just be relaxed. It’s only a therapy. If you massage your body with tension in your mind, you will end up with no benefits at all. Your mind needs to be relaxed while massaging.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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