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Married Women Prefer Geeks

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Handyman, sportsman, hipster or bad boy fantasies are officially a thing of the past! For several years, there has been one kind of man that appears to have won ladies’ hearts once and for all: the geek. That’s right, much more cerebral than muscular, the geek effortlessly seduces the female sex. And this includes married women! According to Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital affairs with more than 3.7 million members, many of them would gladly exchange their partner’s muscles for the grey matter of a soft-hearted geek.

The geek: the new married women’s favourite

But first, what is a geek? A geek is a computer science, science or new technology buff, with great expertise in his favourite area. And although the word ‘geek’ may have long been considered a pejorative term, now merely saying the word is enough to awaken the senses of the fairer sex.

Geek is the new chic! According to an American Harris Interactive study commissioned by the site crucial.com, today 84% of women prefer a geek to an athlete. Incidentally, men are not fooled and are ready to do anything to seduce these ladies! For example, 70% of the men interviewed think that they have at some time claimed to know more about technology for the sole purpose of impressing a woman.

To better understand why married women are attracted to geeks, Gleeden interviewed more than 6,000 female members to learn more about the qualities they look for in a man. And the results are incontrovertible: more than three-quarters of them (77%) prefer a brainbox to a six-pack.

In addition, a large majority (52%) are primarily interested in computer-savvy guys rather than athletes (22%) or artists (14%). Mechanics or handymen? Don’t even go there. That fantasy is definitely over given that only 11% of women look for mainly practical qualities in a man.

Geek is the new sexy

But could geek success with females be a mere passing fad? According to the responses of the women interviewed, the answer is no! An overwhelming majority of them (67%) said they were attracted to geeks and explained their attractiveness in a number of ways: 58% of them said that geeks were less interested in physique than other men and felt more attractive as a result. 42% think that geeks are less arrogant, 39% believe that their intellectual knowledge makes them particularly attractive and finally, more than a quarter of them find geeks simply more interesting than most other men!

Gentlemen, the message is clear: ditch the gym and go hone your typing skills!

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