Maria Cunha Louro


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Maria Cunha Louro earned her PhD in Forensic Science with specialisation in Forensic Psychology, from the University of Murcia. She earned her master’s degree in Criminal Psychology and Deviant Behaviour at the Lusofona University, in Lisbon. She also attended a PhD Course in Law at the Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa

She is a Professor at the College of Psychology College at the Lusofona University. In addition to her teaching work, Dr Louro is a Forensic Psychologist at the Evaluation and Psychological Service, for the at the Lusofona University. She teaches courses on a variety of topics, including psychological assessment, research, forensic psychology, psychology of the testimony, gender violence, protection of children in danger and local intervention. She has a wide experience as a speaker at national and international congresses, seminars and training programmes.

She is the Portuguese Representative for the Ibero-American Association of Juridical Psychology. She is also Vice-President of Psijus – Association for the jus psychological Intervention, and a Managing Partner of PSIAVA – Avaliacao e Consultadoria, Lda. She has got an Advanced Speciality Degree in Psychology of Justice, obtained from the Portuguese Psychologist Association.

Published: 08 May 2017

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