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Margareth Van Steenlandt

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Margareth Van Steenlandt is the founder of Polychromatic Life Design, providing coaching and integrative counselling services on specific matters such as expatriation, loss and grief, separation, cancer, career change, anxiety relief, life transitions. She delivers her sessions in English and French. Because she has personally and professionally been through challenging issues, she can offer a warm holding space to her clients helping them to express their feelings safely.

Based on her former corporate experiences as a real estate branch manager in Paris and founder of an events company in London, she also offers management coaching. The aim is to improve the company performance significantly by getting a better understanding of the management style and boost employee engagement. Pivotal topics and roles are addressed such as staff mobility, teamwork, leadership, recruitment, and use of social media.

Margareth was raised in an international environment, lived in London for over 10 years and now works between Paris and London mainly, offering online and in-person sessions. She regularly writes on Psychreg on the topics mentioned above or on other therapeutic approaches she feels are complementary to her own work.

Trained in London as a psychodynamic counsellor, she volunteered for Marie Curie Cancer Care helping emotionally terminally-ill patients die in the comfort of their homes and was a member of a psychological support group for cancer-stricken patients at the NHS.

Her passion for psychoanalysis started at quite a young age, when her mother got terribly sick. She tried to understand the psychological roots of her sickness. Her father died of cancer in her early 20s. Her move to London a couple of decades later was a turning point. She realised she could be trained properly, learn, be supported and be helpful within the therapeutic and healthcare community. She then decided to dedicate her life to self-awareness and resilience and gave birth to Polychromatic Life Design. You can connect with her on Twitter @FlyLifeDesign and join her FB Page.






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