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Manoj Raghunandanan Elected Chair of the Global Self-Care Federation

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Manoj Raghunandanan, the [resident of the Global Self-Care and Consumer Experience Organization at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, has been unanimously elected as the new Chair of the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) at today’s board meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Manoj succeeds Heiko Schipper, a member of the board of management of Bayer AG and president of the company’s consumer health division, who hands over the chairmanship after a 2.5 years-term. Heiko will continue as a member of the GSCF Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

During his time as chair, Heiko oversaw the refresh of the Federation’s organisational strategy, focusing on reinforcing the value of self-care with a robust evidence base. Additionally, during his tenure, the industry launched its first-ever industry-wide resolution on climate action, including tangible steps on the packaging and a sustainable value chain.

“The past three years have demonstrated that self-care is the starting point for sustainable healthcare. Through our Social and Economic Value of Self-Care report and the Self-Care Readiness Index, we’re helping healthcare stakeholders make data-driven decisions that raise the quality of care for individuals and improve the sustainability of care for health systems,” said Heiko Schipper.

“Self-care contributes to many important global ambitions, including Universal Health Coverage, as well as meeting the WHO triple billion objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As the Federation advocates for the adoption of a WHO Resolution on Self-Care, which would direct Member States towards a single, harmonized national strategy on self-care, we can now make use of our evidence base and turn it into action. The time is now as lack of education, accessibility, affordability and availability around self-care are preventing populations across the globe from living fully healthy lives,” said Manoj Raghunandanan.

This statement fully aligns with GSCF’s mission of encouraging individuals, healthcare professionals and policymakers to integrate self-care into the healthcare continuum. It also compliments the Federation’s efforts to ensure that evidence-based self-care solutions are recognized as key contributors ​to individual health and resilient health systems worldwide.

“At GSCF, we believe in finding holistic solutions that push our healthcare systems in the right direction. Key decision-makers are increasingly recognising the role self-care must play in this. It is especially relevant now, with our mandate being expanded into oral health, vitamins and supplements which are crucial to meeting the healthcare needs of the population. I am delighted to have Manoj Raghunandanan lead the Federation as it bolsters its advocacy efforts and continues to foster collaboration between multiple stakeholders beyond just health system actors.”, added Judy Stenmark, Director General of the GSCF. 

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