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Manchester Tech Company Launches Booking Service for PCR Home Covid Test Free V-Health Passport & Test Certificate

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VST Enterprises (VSTE) the British technology firm behind the secure digital health passport V-Health Passport has today launched its UK home COVID-19 test kit. The ‘at home’ booking service comes with a free secure V-Health Passport that provides tests results in 24 hours and costs £69.99 (for registered V-Health Passport Users) against an RRP of £160.00.

VSTE – which earlier this week launched its ‘Fit to Fly’ secure digital health passport for airlines and airline passengers – is launching the service as part of its  ‘Stay Safe This Christmas’ campaign.

The company is offering the booking service through its website to the public and families who want to take the extra precaution of having a PCR COVID-19 home test for peace of mind. In particular, it will also bring peace of mind for families who can make arrangements to see their loved ones in care homes, where a PCR test would be accepted by the care providers. The V-Health Passport and PCR at-home test kit can also be used for those who need to travel by plane over the festive season and New Year to visit family and friends.

VSTE is offering the PCR home test kit booking service for £69.99 against the RRP of £160.00 and offering its V-Health Passport for free with a test certificate.

The home test kit can be booked online and is sent next day delivery. Instructions on how to self administer the PCR test are available on the company website which links to the NHS website. Instructions are also included in the PCR home test kit. The kit is then returned to the lab by special next day delivery and results uploaded to the V-Health Passport.

Commenting on the new service VSTE CEO Louis-James Davis said: ‘We are delighted to be able to offer our home booking service for the PCR based home test kit through our occupational health partners and UK based laboratories. The at-home test is simple and easy to administer and we are delighted to be able to offer our V-Health Passport for free and included in the cost of the PCR home test kit. We believe this is one of the most competitively priced PCR based home kits with results in 24 hours (from being received at the lab)

‘But most importantly, by having the V-Health Passport the test result will be validated in our secure health passport providing the test certificate both digitally and in paper form. The combined security of the VCode and V-Health Passport means the test certificate cannot be tampered with or altered in any way. This is of major importance given the huge increase in fake COVID-19 test certificates that are prevalent in Russia and the Middle East at the moment. We predict this will also follow a similar pattern across the UK and Europe with organised crime gangs looking to cash in on COVID-19 and peoples desire to travel.’

At present to get a PCR test through the NHS you have to be showing symptoms. Even when an NHS PCR test has been conducted there is no certificate to confirm or prove that you have taken a test, just a text message, which is can be manipulated and faked. In order to make any travel plans which require a flight, the NHS recommend a person goes private in order to obtain a PCR test and a valid certificate as proof of testing.

Louis James Davis added: ‘As the Government has eased restrictions somewhat it is really important that we all still adhere to the minimum level of risk over the festive season. For extra safety, peace of mind and assurance, families and individuals can order a PCR home-based test kit with results in 24 hours ( from the lab). In doing so families can take comfort that they have taken extra further precautions to minimise the risk with visiting loved ones at Christmas and over the festive season.’

VSTE is also planning to launch similar services in the next 24–48 hours to Ireland and the US. 

V-Health Passport is also at the forefront of a series of campaigns; ‘Fit to Fly’, ‘Fans Are Back’, ‘Return To Work’, ‘Return to School /University’ across the UK. The campaigns are aimed at using the test agnostic V-Health Passport platform and secure technology to authenticate COVID-19 tests and vaccination records.  V-Health Passport is being used to help employers safely return their employees back to their offices, factories and warehouses. It will facilitate airlines to allow their passengers to be fit to fly and avoid the need for quarantine restrictions. V-Health Passport is also a key driver in getting fans back into stadiums safely and securely.

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