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Managing Depression and Anxiety Is Easier When You Do These Things

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When you’re in the midst of depression and anxiety, the future can feel hopeless. The emotions are real and overwhelming, but if you can decide to do certain things no matter how you feel about them, then managing these conditions become much easier to manage. You can still live a vibrant and thriving life. Here are ways to manage your mental health conditions to help.  

Managing your mental health in a positive way impacts your overall health

Depression and anxiety can make life seem difficult to navigate, but there are things you can do to make it easier. They are real mental illnesses that can cause difficulty with functioning in everyday life. They’re not just feelings or emotions but they are medical disorders that can be managed with treatment. By managing them effectively, you can help improve disorders like diabetes and heart disease.

Using natural medicines or even pharmaceuticals is OK

Working with a natural health practitioner who knows how to microdose mushrooms legally or can suggest a balance of vitamins can improve your anxiety or depression immensely. Mushrooms in microscopic doses have been found to make your mental health better and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. But there is also no shame in getting on the right dose of pharmaceutical medicines either. While some people will only be on these meds temporarily, others find that taking them long-term gives them what they need to function and thrive.

Find a mantra that you can repeat and speak over yourself

Have you heard that words have power? Your mind has the ability to internalize spoken words. So for instance, if you tell yourself how worthless you are over and over, you’ll eventually believe those words. But if you tell yourself that you have value, that life has meaning, and that there is a purpose for you, you will also believe it. And these words can transform your life. A mantra is a positive statement that you repeat to yourself. It could be something as simple as “I’m going to make it through this,” or something like a quote from your favourite book. Whatever the case, find the words you need, and speak them out loud.

Get excited about your progress

While living with anxiety and depression can be a lifelong battle, it can get better. When you make progress like getting out of bed and showering, for instance, you can celebrate it. You can get excited about your progress if you go to a busy place when you normally wouldn’t because the anxiety would become too much. You can celebrate if you set a goal to complete a course and you did it. Getting excited about your progress is important. While you may not be as far along as you like, those small steps start to add up over time.

Care for yourself physically

Make sure you’re caring for yourself physically. You may not be able to sleep as much as you’d like, but scooting in some extra rest is crucial for your mental health. Stay active as well. This might mean going for short walks during the day or practising yoga or pilates at home. Another physical thing you can do is to learn and practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathing and mindfulness can both help you.

Spend time with supportive people

Negative energy breeds negative energy. Spend time with supportive people who focus on the positive and help you do the same. This is a crucial step in managing depression and anxiety. It’s easy to become isolated and withdrawn when you’re experiencing mental health crises. But having people who know what you’re going through and will reach out and connect with you is important. Studies have shown that social support can reduce feelings of loneliness, improve mental health, boost self-esteem, and so much more. These are all very important when you have depression or anxiety.

Write down what you like about yourself

There are plenty of things you can do to combat depression and anxiety on a daily basis, but the most important thing is to acknowledge that you’re doing it. Writing down what you like about yourself and your life will help remind you of the good in your life. Even if it’s hard at first, or even if what you write doesn’t seem true at first glance, keep writing and eventually, these positive qualities will start to feel more real to you.

Alicia Saxon did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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