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How to Manage Wedding Planning Stress

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Almost half of newly-engaged couples, 45%, have admitted not knowing where to start when it comes to their wedding planning. And an even higher percentage of couples, 50%, were worried about remaining in budget. 

Once these factors are figured out, the usual worries of finding the right venue, setting up a date, and many others come into play, not to mention the self-imposed perfectionism that comes with planning such a big day! 

This makes stress seem inevitable, so knowing how to care for your mental health and reduce your anxiety during this time is key for you to enjoy as much of it as possible. 

Offload some of your duties

Planning a big occasion like a wedding can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start or the right process to take. 

But you can rely on others to help you get through this – whether you are just beginning or already part way through. Many locations, from castle wedding venues in the Northeast to big hotels in the South, have their own in-house team or associated wedding planning company to help on these occasions. 

Katie Livingstone-Evans Lowes, weddings and events coordinator at Langley Castle, says: “It is no wonder that your anxiety and stress levels are spiking during this time. And where there is a worry, there can sometimes be errors. 

“Remembering to take time for yourself and manage your stress correctly is the only way to maintain some sanity during the whirlwind that is organising your wedding day. Diving up some of your duties for others to take can help relieve some of that anxiety.”

And health experts agree. Charlie Penwarden, Mental Health Consultant at Behaveo, says: “Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to trusted friends, family members, or wedding professionals. This is an effective way to alleviate workload and stress in the run-up to your big day. Simply check in once a week or month to make sure things are moving along fine.”

If you want a more personal oversight on some of your overloaded duties, a trusted friend or family member could step in to help. While you might want to decide the cake flavour and venues yourself, setting up a DJ or organising transport might be something you can hand over, giving you a little more time to breathe. 

Maintain a routine

It can be easy to step outside of your normal routine when it comes to planning a wedding. From searching through catalogue after catalogue for hours to travelling to wedding shows, the demand of the day often asks you to forgo eating and sleeping properly. 

Charlie says the best way to relieve long-term stress is to “get sufficient sleep and eat a healthy diet.” Maintaining your normal routine can keep your body stable and manage your anxiety. This helps keep your stress down to a minimum as you spend only a designated amount of time browsing for wedding centrepieces! 

You will want your mind and body to be healthy to look the best for your wedding day.

Practise meditation

Another method of handling your stress levels is through meditation. This calming process helps you release tension in your body, as well as get rid of any negative thoughts which aren’t helping your planning process. 

Spending even just a few minutes grounding yourself can help you think of better solutions to any problems. This also allows you to bring your breathing under control, even during highly anxiety-inducing situations.

Charlie continues: “Practicing grounding techniques can be highly beneficial for you. By focusing on the present moment with physical sensations like walking barefoot on the earthy ground, for example, you can effectively detach yourself from sources of stress and anxiety.”

Reduce caffeine intake

Understandably, your morning cup of coffee or hourly cups of tea might be helping you get through the day. Still, an excess of caffeine in your system can worsen your anxiety and stress symptoms. 

Charlie says: “To help manage your stress symptoms, you should limit your caffeine and alcohol intake and avoid nicotine”.

From anxious shivers and jitters to a racing pulse, caffeine can actually make it more difficult than helping you plan for your big day. This could also be the case for alcohol too. While there are some well-deserved celebrations going on, it might be best to reduce your intake where possible. 

This is a special time for you and your partner to spend together, don’t let the stress and expectations ruin it! The big day can be full enough of anxieties like “Will I say the right words?” but you don’t need to be worrying over every little detail for the months, or even years, leading up to it. Spend some time focusing on yourself, enjoy the little moments between you and your partner, and prioritise your mental health above all else.

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