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Male Victims of Sexual Harassment Uncovered in New Indonesian Documentary

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In a revealing new documentary titled Not the Same, the Multi Media College (MMTC) of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, sheds light on the often-ignored issue of sexual harassment against men. This work goes beyond traditional narratives, challenging societal perceptions and igniting much-needed conversations.

At the heart of Not the Same lies a unique creative process anchored in the brainstorming method. The documentary’s production, headed by Eko Wahyuanto, Edi Giantoro, Joehananto, Djoko Teguh Widodo, and Risnaeni Yuniar, utilised this technique to encourage creative collaboration and develop a multifaceted narrative. The brainstorming sessions, initiated on 3rd April 2023, were critical in shaping the documentary’s theme, type, and storytelling approach.

Not the Same confronts a societal taboo: male victims of sexual harassment by women. This issue, often dismissed or ridiculed, leaves many victims unheard and unacknowledged. The documentary unfolds in sequences, each offering a unique perspective on the issue, from the victim’s chronology to expert opinions on societal stigma and legal views.

The findings were published in the journal Technium Education and Humanities.

The documentary gains depth from interviews with credible experts in psychology, law, and sociology. These include a psychologist, a legal expert, a sociologist, and a researcher, offering comprehensive insights into the complex nature of sexual harassment against men.

The production process, spanning three key dates in May and June 2023, was not without its challenges. The team navigated various obstacles, from logistical to emotional, in their quest to present a story that resonates with authenticity and compassion. Despite these hurdles, the documentary triumphs in its aim to start a vital discourse.

In post-production, the team critically assessed their work, evaluating whether additional footage was required and ensuring the final edit met their high standards. This stage was as much about refinement as it was about self-evaluation, ensuring that the final product effectively conveyed the intended message.

Not the Same does more than just tell a story; it serves as a catalyst for change. By bringing to light the experiences of male victims, the documentary challenges deeply ingrained societal norms and encourages a more inclusive understanding of sexual harassment.

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