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BPS Male Psychology Section Will Hold an Online Mini-Conference on December

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You might never have had the opportunity to learn about this topic before, so here is your chance to expand your understanding of the diversity of the human condition.

Find out about the most important issues today in the field of the psychology of men and boys. The Male Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society (BPS) invites everyone to a mini-conference on Friday 11th December at 2pm–5pm.

The mini-conference will feature a keynote talk from Dr Pat Fagan and paper presentations from Dr Robin Hadley and Dr Elizabeth Bates. The last hour will be allocated to a networking event.

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Dr Pat Fagan has been a grade school teacher, a clinical therapist specialising in child, family and marital therapy. During his career, he has been Executive Director of the Free Congress Foundation, a member of the staff of Senator Dan Coats of Indiana, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family and Social Policy at HHS under President George Herbert Bush, the Senior Fellow on Family and Culture at the Heritage Foundation, then as founder and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at Family Research Council. Fagan now directs MARRI at The Catholic University of America. He is also the publisher and editor of Marripedia.org. He has authored over 30 synthesis papers and has commissioned dozens of original research projects in marriage, family, child development, and religious practice.

Paper Presentations

Dr Elizabeth Bates‘ research areas are around domestic violence and aggression. Specifically, she focuses on male victims, psychological abuse and controlling behaviour, and how this is affected by personality and psychopathology e.g., attachment patterns, personality disorders, etc. Dr Bates additionally has an interest in pedagogic research. Specifically, she has explored student transition to higher education, as well as student satisfaction and postgraduate student experiences utilising photo-elicitation.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”PfgoomST” upload-date=”2020-03-16T06:00:00.000Z” name=”Dr Robin Hadley: Male Childlessness” description=”” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

Dr Robin Hadley’s PhD (Keele, 2015) examined the impact of involuntary childlessness on the lives of older men. Previously, he had self-funded his MA and MSc degrees at the University of Manchester. His MA in Counselling (Merit, 2008) was a grounded theory study that explored childless men’s desire for fatherhood. His MSc in Research Methods (Distinction, 2009) was a mixed-methods study on the levels of desire for parenthood in childless people and parents. Post-PhD, Dr Hadley has held a number of research consultant posts from systematic literature review projects on technology usage by social and care workers; fertility apps; ECG devices; fathers influence on infant feeding; reports on sexual health; haptics; to research on devices for people-living-with-dementia. Recently, Dr Hadley led and funded a research project that found anxious attachment in childhood predicted childlessness in later-life. He has written several invited academic pieces and has supported several infertility and involuntary childless support groups through contributions to blogs and podcasts. He is the founder member of the campaign group ‘Ageing without Children’.


2:00pm–2:10pm: Opening remarks, Dr John Barry, Chair of Male Psychology Section

Intro to Dr Robin Hadley – by Dr John Barry

2:10pm–2:40pm: Dr Robin Hadley, Independent Researcher

2:40pm–2:45pm: Q&A

Intro to Dr Elizabeth Bates – by Dr John Barry

2:45pm–3:05pm: Dr Elizabeth Bates, University of Cumbria

3:05pm–3:10pm: Q&A

Intro to Dr Pat Fagan by Dr John Barry

3:10pm–3:45pm: Keynote, Dr Pat Fagan

3:45pm–3:50pm: Q&A

Closing remarks Dr John Barry

Intro to breakout – Dennis Relojo-Howell

3:50pm–4:00pm: Break

4:00pm–5:00pm: Networking

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